The Family of Thomas Johnson of Baslow

He was baptised 6 December 1665 at Baslow, a son of Alexander Johnson.


He married Margaret Poll, March 1692 at Baslow.


Margaret was buried 28 January 1732/3 at Baslow (wife of Thomas Johnson).


The children of Thomas and Margaret Johnson:


Alexander (1694 - 1718)

He was baptised October 1694 at Baslow and was buried 19 January 1717/8.


William (1697 - 1773)

He was baptised 4 March 1696/7 at Baslow.  He may have married first Mary, who was buried 20 November 1745 at Baslow (wife of William), secondly Barbara Froggat, 8 May 1746 at Baslow, who was buried 19 August 1749 at Baslow, and thirdly Anne Kitchen (of Bubnell, just on the northern outskirts of Baslow), 25 February 1749/50, at St Michael and all Angels, Sheldon.  William was buried 28 January 1773 at Baslow.



He/She was buried 13 February 1704/5 at Baslow.



He was baptised 3 June 1706 at Baslow.

He married Mary White, 26 November 1728 at Baslow.  They were both of the parish.

Mary was buried 15 May 1757 at Baslow (wife of Thomas).

Thomas and Mary's children were:

Mary Johnson, baptised 22 August 1731 at Baslow.

Alexander Johnson (1737 - 1767), baptised February 1736/7 at Baslow.  He was buried 28 November 1767 at Baslow.

Sarah Johnson, baptised June 1739 at Baslow.  She may have married Samuel Yeoman of Kirk Ireton, 17 February 1777 at Baslow (a Thomas Johnson was a witness).

Elis Johnson, baptised 16 June 1741 at Baslow.

Ann Johnson (1747 - 1765), baptised 1 February 1746/7 at Baslow.  She was probably buried 11 May 1765 at Baslow (d. of Thomas of Baslow).

Marg (or Mary) Johnson, baptised 1 February 1746/7 at Baslow.

William Johnson, baptised 24 July 1749 at Baslow.

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