The Family of William Johnson of Baslow

He was baptised 4 March 1696/7 at Baslow, a son of Thomas Johnson of Baslow.


He may have married Mary.


Mary was buried 20 November 1745 at Baslow (wife of William).


William probably married secondly Barbara Froggat of Calver, 8 May 1746 at Baslow.She was buried 19 August 1749 at Baslow.


William (of Baslow) seems to have married a third time, to Anne Kitchen (of Bubnell, just on the northern outskirts of Baslow.), 25 February 1749/50, at St Michael and all Angels Sheldon.The original church in the centre of the village has been demolished and a new one built with the materials on another site.The new church, a very simple building, dates from 1865.


Note that William's first three daughters by Anne are called Mary, Barbara and Anne, perhaps after his three wives?


William was buried 28 January 1773 at Baslow.


Ann (widow) was buried 10 or 18 June 1798 at Baslow.




William and Mary's son:



He was born about 1725 (MI) and was buried 9 December 1745 at Baslow, shortly after his mother.His memorial stone is a flat one in the south-east part of the churchyard and reads:

'Here lieth the body of Alexander, the son of William and Mary Johnson who departed this life December y 7 1745 Aged 20 years.

All you that Doth Behold this stone

Pray think how quickly I was gone.

Therefore Repent no time Delay,

I in my prime was snitcht A way.'


William and Anne's children:



She was baptised 25 March 1751 at Baslow



She was baptised 31 January 1754 at Baslow.

She (X) married George Atterley, 4 August 1776 at Baslow.They were both of the parish. The IGI gives the surname 'Atterley or Hattersley' for this entry.

A search in the IGI for children of this couple gave no entries for Atterley but there were Hattersley baptisms at Baslow.Those where the father was George (no motherís names were given) are listed below and the earliest is just after this marriage.

William Hattersley, baptised 22 February 1777 at Baslow.

Nanny Hattersley, baptised 1 June 1779 at Baslow.

George Hattersley, baptised 1 September 1782 at Baslow.

Barbara Hattersley, baptised 11 September 1785 at Baslow.

Robert Hattersley, baptised 4 March 1788 at Baslow.

John Hattersley, baptised 10 March 1793 at Baslow.



She was baptised 2 June 1756 at Baslow.

She (X) married Thomas Daken (X) 1 December 1772 at Baslow.They were both of the parish.

From the IGI the following Dakin children with a father Thomas (no mothers were given) were found baptised at Baslow:

Elisabeth Dakin, baptised 1 December 1772 at Baslow (the day of the marriage!)

Thomas Dakin, baptised 6 November 1777 at Baslow

Sarah Dakin, baptised 12 February 1781 at Baslow



He was baptised 15 May 1759 at Baslow.He may have married Elizabeth Vickers, 30 November 1802.They were both of the parish.Elizabeth may have been buried 2 October 1824, of Baslow, aged 53.William and Elizabeth's child was

William Johnson, baptised 2 June 1806 at Baslow.


Alexander (1762 - 1837)

He was baptised 1 January 1762 at Baslow.He married Hannah Fletcher 27 April 1791 at Alfreton and died 1 July 1837 at Codnor Park, Ripley, aged 77.

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