The Family of Samuel Banks Junior (1799 – 1863)

He was born 11 September and baptised 13 October 1799 at St Leonard Shoreditch (of Tabernacle Square), a son of Samuel Banks and Elizabeth formerly White.

He married Mary Jones, 20 May 1822 at St Bride, Fleet Street.


In the 1841 census of 2 (Little?) Bride Street, Samuel Banks was aged 40-44, a goldsmith.  Mary was aged 40-44, Louisa aged 15-19, William, aged 15-19 and Charles, aged 11.  All were born in the county.


In the 1851 census of 2 Bride Street, Samuel was aged 51 a goldsmith jeweller, born in Shoreditch.  His wife Mary, was aged 50 and born at Spitalfields.  Their son was Charles, unmarried, aged 20, a clerk, born in Clerkenwell and there was a visitor, William Jones, married, aged 39, a clerk, born in St Luke’s Middx. (a possible relative of Mary’s).


In the census of 1861 of 104 Hatton Garden (Liberty of Saffron Hill), London, he was a widower, aged 61, a working goldsmith, born at Shoreditch.  With him was his daughter Louisa S. Banks, unmarried, aged 37 and an assistant goldsmith, born at St Olave, Ward (Hart?) St, and his granddaughter, Louisa, aged 12, a scholar born at Islington.  (His granddaughter would seem to be the daughter of his son William and not an illegitimate daughter of Louisa Sarah.)


Samuel’s will was dated 7 May 1861.  He was described as of 104 Hatton Garden, foreman to Hasluck Brothers of Hatton Garden, manufacturing goldsmiths and jewellers.  He left his gold watch to his son, William Banks.  His household goods and gold guard chain were left to his daughter, Louisa Sarah Banks.  His granddaughter, Louisa Banks, then living with him received £50 and his 3% consolidated bank annuities of £905 were to be equally divided between his two sons William and Charles.  Louisa Sarah was also left 5 Victoria bonds of £100 each and the income from the residue, held in trust by his executor (who was also Louisa Sarah Banks).  After her death the trust was to be divided between the children of William and Charles.  The witnesses were the solicitors, John Letts and John Letts senior, of Bartletts Buildings, London. 

The will of Samuel Banks was proved at London, 26 November 1863, by Louisa Sarah Banks (daughter).  Samuel’s effects were under £3,000 and he died 13 November 1863 at 78 Wellington Street, Milton next Gravesend.  He was formerly of 104 Hatton Garden, Middx.

Samuel and Mary's children were:

  1. Louisa Sarah, born about 1823/4 at St Olave, Ward (Hart?) St, London.
  2. William, born about 1825/6 at Clerkenwell.
  3. Charles, born about 1830/1 at Clerkenwell.

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