The Family of Joseph Baines of Ironville

Family Chart

According to the ages in the censuses and at death, Joseph was born 1817 – 1822, at Codnor Park or Ironville or New Brinsley (unlikely), the son of William Baines, a furnaceman or labourer.

In 1841 Joseph was living in Riddings, in the household of William and Mary Brentnall and family. He was aged 20–24, and a labourer, born in Derbys.

Joseph married Sarah Elliott at the General Baptist Chapel, Alfreton, on 25 December 1845. They were both of full age. Joseph (X) was a bachelor and furnaceman of Ironville, the son of William Bains, a furnaceman. Sarah (X) was a spinster of Ironville, the daughter of William Elliott, a labourer. The witnesses were Thomas Parsons and Mary Burrows.

In 1851, Joseph and Sarah (Beanes) were living at Ironville Row, Ironville. He was aged 29, a labourer at Ironworks and born at Codnor Park. Sarah was aged 32 and born at Ironville. With them was Sarah’s sister, Elizabeth Elliott, unmarried and aged 21 and born at Ironville. Next door but one to them was Sarah Storer (whom Joseph Baines subsequently married), aged 40 or 41, born (blank), the wife of Joseph Storer, aged 60, a labourer in ironwork, born (blank). With the Storers were twin sons Joseph and John born March 1851 and Sarah’s sister Hannah Priest, unmarried aged 21, and a lodger, Joseph Johnson, a widower, aged 52 (places of birth left blank).

Sarah died 4 May 1855, of abortion debility, at Ironville. She was aged 36 and the wife of Joseph Baines (furnace labourer), who registered the death. She was buried 7 May 1855 aged 36 at Christchurch, Ironville.

Sarah Priest had married Joseph Storer in the Nottingham district in the March quarter 1847.  Their son, John’s birth was registered in the March quarter 1851, in the Belper district, together with his twin brother, Joseph, who probably died as an infant or young child.  There were four possible entries of death for Joseph Storer between 1851 and 1861 in the Belper district.

Joseph Storer was buried at Christchurch, Ironville, 16 October 1855 aged 65.

Joseph Baines married Sarah Storer on 24 December 1858, after banns, at St Mary’s, Nottingham. They were both of full age. Joseph (X) was a widower, a labourer of Mill Stone Lane, the son of William Baines (deceased), a labourer. Sarah (X) was a widow of Mill Stone Lane, the daughter of John Priest (deceased), a miner. The witnesses were John Redfern (X) and Mary Redfern.

In 1861, at 16 Ironville Row, Joseph was aged 44, an iron furnace man, born at Codnor Park. Sarah, his wife was aged 50 and born at New Brinsley, Notts. Her son, John Storer was aged 10 and born at Ironville and there were also boarder Paul Simpson, unmarried, aged 27, a labourer ironwork, born at Linby, Notts. and lodger John Salkin, unmarried, 19, a labourer in Ironwork, born at Nottingham.

On 4 June 1868, Joseph suffered a robbery.  Stolen from him was a pair of boots, a pair of stockings, a table cloth, a jacket and a coat.  John Turner was lodging with Joseph whilst he was working at the Codnor Park Ironworks.  On that day Joseph got up and found the back door open and soon after getting to work his wife came and informed him that their lodger had decamped taking with him the articles mentioned.  Joseph immediately went to Derby where he found John Turner in custody and identified him.  John Storer, Joseph’s step son stated that he had gone to bed with Turner on the night in question but found him gone on waking.  Detective Spibey saw Turner come out of a pawn-broker’s and asked if he had pawned anything and Turner replied that he hadn’t, but when he took him to the police station, found a pawn-broker’s ticket on him for a coat pledged for 9s. 6d.  He was then charged with stealing, something he later admitted.  At the magistrate’s court on 9 June Turner was committed for trial at the Derbyshire County Sessions.  On Wednesday 1 July at the Crown Court, County Sessions, John Turner pleaded guilty to the theft of a pair of boots, a pair of stockings, a pocket handkerchief and a table cloth, the property of Joseph Baines, a cloth jacket and a leather belt the property of John Storer and a cloth coat from Richard Griffith (probably a lodger).  John Turner was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment with hard labour.

In 1871, at 16 Furnace Row, Ironville, Joseph was aged 54, a labourer in Ironwork and born at Ironville. Sarah was aged 60 and born at New Brinsley, Notts. Her son, John Storer, was unmarried aged 20 and a puddler, born at Ironville, Elizabeth Baines was unmarried aged 19, a domestic servant out of employment and born at Ironville and there was also a lodger, William Mobbs, aged 22, a baker.

John Storer probably left the area shortly after the census of 1871 for in 1881 at 50 Marlborough Street Leeds is John Storer aged 30, a labourer at a malt kiln who was born at Alfreton.  His wife was Susannah  aged 34, and his children were Ethel Storer aged 2 and Joseph Storer aged 0 all born in Leeds.  John married Susannah Gaines in Leeds in the December quarter 1871.

In 1881 Joseph was living at 25 Market Street (should be Place), Ironville. He was aged 62, a labourer in Ironwork and born at New Brinsley, Notts. His wife, Sarah, was aged 70 and also born in New Brinsley, Notts.

There is a likely death entry for Sarah (Baines) aged 72, in the Belper registration district, September quarter 1883.

Joseph died of bronchitis, 23 May 1888 at Somercoates, a foundry labourer, aged 69. His son-in-law, George Johnson, of Somercoates, registered the death.

Joseph and Sarah formerly Elliott’s child was:

  1. Elizabeth, born 13 June 1851 at Ironville (labourer). Sarah (X) registered the birth.

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