The Family of William Vollans (1785 - 1859)

Much of this information was taken from a family tree found on the internet.


He was born 16 November 1785, to William Vollans and baptised 22 November 1785 at Brayton.  He married Francis Fentiman.  He died 1859. 


William and Francis' children were

James, born about 1810.  He married Sarah Parker.  He died 1884.  James and Sarah's children were

George, born 1840 and died 1840.

Mary, born 1842.  She married Robert Hanson.

Henry, born 1848 and died 1867.

Rebecca, born 1855.  She married Joseph Noble.

Elizabeth, born about 1812

Samuel, born about 1814 at Selby.  He married Mary Ann Hutchinson (born about 1811 at Selby and died 1900).  Samuel died 1891 at Brayton.  Samuel and Mary Ann's children were

James Tarbolton, born about 1839.  He died 1908.

Alfred, born 30 January 1842 at Selby.  He married first Eliza Gibson Harrison (born about 1855 at Selby and died 1880) and secondly Agnes (born about 1858 at Bridlington and died 1915).  He died 1902.  Alfred and Agnes' children were

Reginald, born 1882.

Alfred, born 1884.

John, born 1886.  He married Lima Wright (born in Hull, 1884 - 1965, daughter of Edward Wright and Mary Jane).  John and Lima's children were

Elsie, born 1906 in Hull.

Winifred, born 1910 in Hull.  She married Richard Barmby (born about 1908).

Marjorie, born 1913 in Hull.  She married Thomas Watkin (born about 1910).

Ethel, born 1915 in Hull.

Kathleen, born 1920 in Hull.  She married Arthur Howbrigg.

Hilda, born 1921 in Hull.  She married William Hatch.  Their child was

John Vollans.

Stanley, born 1888.

Mary, born 1845.

Sarah, born 1847.

Elizabeth, born 1849.

Frances Fanny, born 1851.

John, born 1857.  He married Annie Cadman.

Sarah, born about 1816.  She married John J.T. Jeffrey.

Ann, born about 1818.  She died 1907.  Her illegitimate child was

Abraham, born 1843 and died 1921.  In 1881 at Ringroses Lane, Newington, York, he was aged 37, a railway engine driver and born at Selby.  His wife, Anna was aged 29 and born at Hull, and their children were Benjamin aged 10, Rhoda aged 8, Ada aged 7 and James aged 5, all born at Hull.

Abraham and Anna's children were

Benjamin, born about 1870 at Hull.

Rhoda, born about 1872 at Hull.

Ada, born about 1873 at Hull.

James, born about 1875 at Hull.

Mary, born about 1820.  She married William Vause.

William, born about 1822 at Selby.  He married Hannah Middleton.  In 1881 at 109 Gowthorp Street, Selby, he was a widower aged 58, a farmer of 15 acres and born at Selby.  With him was a 'relative', a general servant, Emma Maskew, single, aged 25 and born at Selby.  There was also his grandson ('Rann Son') George A. Hill, aged 9 and born at Selby.  William died 1889.  William and Hannah's children were

Sarah Ann, born 1848.  She married George Hill.  Their child was

George A., born about 1871 at Selby.

Thomas, born 1850 and died 1853.

Jane, born 1856 and died 1867.

Benjamin, born about 1824 at Selby.  He married first Martha Varey.  He married secondly Elizabeth.  In 1881, at East Garforth, Garforth, Yorks, he was aged 54 a colliery railway engine driver born at Selby.  Elizabeth, his wife, was aged 41 and born at Manchester.  His children were William, aged 24, a weighman at coal mine, born at Selby, Lousia (sic) aged 5 and Robert Pears aged 4 both born at Garforth.  Benjamin died 1913 (registered in the Tadcaster district, in the March quarter, aged 88).

Benjamin and Martha's children were

Edward, born 1846 and died 1860.

Mary Ann, born 1848.  She married Thomas Creaser.

Fanny, born 1850.  She married John Meadowcroft.  In 1881, at 8 Lovington Street, Leeds, she was aged 29 and born at Selby.  Her husband, John W. Meadowcroft was aged 28, a carpenter born at Leeds.  With them was John's mother, Mary, a widow aged 52 and born at Alne, Yorks and their children Ellen aged 5, Annie aged 4, Alice M. aged 1 and Harry V. aged 4 months, all born in Leeds.  There were also two of Fanny's brothers, Harry aged 26 and Lot aged 18, both brass finishers and born at Selby.

Ann Elizabeth, born 1852 and died 1854.

Harry, born 1854 at Selby.  In 1881, at 8 Lovington Street, Leeds, he was with his sister Fanny, single, aged 26, a brass finisher, born at Selby.  He died 1913.

William, born 1858 at Selby.  In 1881 he was at home with his father, aged 24, a weighman at coal mine, born at Selby.

Edward, born 1860 and died 1935.

Lot, born 1863.  In 1881, at 8 Lovington Street, Leeds, he was with his sister Fanny, single, aged 18, a brass finisher, born at Selby.

Benjamin and Elizabeth's children were

Louisa, born 1875.  In 1881 she was at home with her parents, aged 5 and born at Garforth.

Robert Pears, born 1876.  In 1881 he was at home with his parents, aged 4 and born at Garforth.  He died 1950.

Frances, born about 1826.

Joseph, born about 1831.  He died in 1876.  He married Joanna.  Joseph and Joanna's children were

Thomas, born 1853 and died 1931.

Charlotte, born 1855 and died 1857.  Her death was registered in the Selby district, in the December quarter of 1857.  Correspondence with the superintendent registrar established that this registration was for a 2 year old daughter of a Joseph Vollans.

Felix, born 1857 and died 1859.

Emma Lucas, born 1859.

Sarah Jane, born 1861 and died 1923.

Joseph, born 1863 and died 1867.

Arthur, born 1865 and died 1949.

George, born 1865 and died 1867.

Frank, born 1868 and died 1952.

Herbert, born 1871 and died 1872.

Joanna, born 1873.

Joseph, born 1876 and died 1952.

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