The Family of John Powell

John may have been baptised as an adult at Manningford Bruce, 12 May 1765. His parents could have been William Powell and Sarah formerly Stephens, married in 29 June 1708 at Manningford Bruce. There is a gap between 1711 and 1717 in the baptism register where his baptism, as an infant, may have been, so further progress with the Powell line may be unlikely.

John Powell and Hannah Jones were married 17 April 1732 at Manningford Bruce.

Hannah Powell, the wife of John, was buried 3 October 1757 at Manningford Bruce.

John Powell was probably buried 15 December 1766 at Manningford Bruce.

The children of John and Hannah Powell were:

  1. Mary, baptised 12 August 1733 at Manningford Bruce
  2. Isaac, baptised 17 August 1735 at Manningford Bruce

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