The Family of Isaac Powell

Family Chart

Isaac Powell was baptised 17 August 1735, at Manningford Bruce, the son of John Powell and Hannah.

Isaac married Ruth Sutton at Manningford Bruce, after banns, 3 July 1757. Isaac was a labourer and Ruth a spinster. They were both of the parish. The witnesses were John Ron (?) and William Wats.

The children of Isaac and Ruth Powell were:

  1. John, baptised 3 July 1757 at Manningford Bruce
  2. Sarah, baptised 31 August 1760 at Manningford Bruce
  3. Stephen, baptised 25 March 1763 at Manningford Bruce
  4. Ann, baptised 10 January 1768 at Manningford Bruce. She (X) married George Guley (X) at Manningford Bruce, after banns, 12 December 1793. George was of the parish of Willsford, a labourer and Ann was a spinster of Manningford Bruce. The witnesses were Hannah Powell (X) and Robert Fowler (X).
  5. Ruth, baptised 28 October 1770 at Manningford Bruce
  6. Isaac, baptised 6 December 1772 at Manningford Bruce
  7. Hannah, baptised 8 January 1775 at Manningford Bruce
  8. Thomas, baptised 22 June 1777 at Manningford Bruce
  9. Mary, baptised 22 July 1780 at Manningford Bruce. She was probably buried as an infant 23 July 1780 at Manningford Bruce.
  10. Esther, baptised 22 July 1781 at Manningford Bruce

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