The Family of James Peters

He was born 28 April 1794 and baptised 29 April 1794 at Linton, a son of William Peters and Sarah formerly Fordham.

In 1841, at Cambridge Road, Linton, James (Jas) was aged 45-49, an agricultural labourer.  With him was Eliza aged 40-44, Jane aged 22, William (Wm) aged 20, George aged 18, Thomas (Thos) aged 16, John aged 14, Samuel (Saml) aged 12, Charles (Chas) aged 8 and Emma aged 4.  There was also Susan Sheffield aged 17.  All were born in the county.


In 1851, at Wrights Yard, Linton, James was aged 58. a farm labourer.  With him was his wife, Eliza, aged 52, and children Charles (Chas) aged 17 a groom, Emma aged 13, Richard (Richd) aged 9 and James (Jas) aged 6.  All, including Eliza, were born at Linton.


In 1871, at Mill Lane, Linton, James was aged 78, 'unoccupied' and born at Linton.  His wife, Eliza, was aged 74 and born at Hinxton.


The children of James and Elizabeth (sometimes Eliza) baptised at Linton include:

Jane Anne Peters, baptised 23 May 1819 at Linton (Eliza).

William Peters, born 10 June 1821 and baptised 29 July 1821 at Linton (Eliza).  In 1881, at Camberwell Infirmary, Camberwell, he may have been a patient (a horsekeeper pauper) aged 62, married and born at Linton.

George Peters, born 20 May 1823 and baptised 3 August 1823 at Linton.

Thomas Peters, born 4 April 1825 and baptised 15 May 1825 at Linton (Eliza).

John Peters, born 31 July 1827 and baptised 2 September 1827 at Linton.

John Peters, born 22 August 1828 and baptised 28 September 1828 at Linton (Eliza).  In 1881, at 50 Manilla Street, London, Middx, he was aged 53, a carman and born at Linton.  With him was his wife, Elizabeth aged 52 and born at Linton, and son Aaron J aged 10 and born at Poplar.  There was also a servant, Sarah Clarey, aged 20 and born at Whitechapel.

Samuel Peters, born 4 August 1831 and baptised 1 October 1831 at Linton.

Charles Peters, born 24 August 1833 and baptised 27 October 1833 at Linton (Eliza).  In 1881, at 64 Bridge Street, London, Middx, he may have been aged 45, a carman and born at Linton.  With him was his wife, Eliza, aged 43 and born at Camberwell., with their children Alice, aged 21 a general servant and born in Stepney, George, aged 19, a carman, born at Stepney, Frederick aged 15 a goods sorter and born at Stepney, Charles, aged 14, an office boy and born at Bethnal Green and Emma, aged 11 and born at Stepney.

Emma Peters, baptised 30 July 1837 at Linton (Eliza)

Richard Moore Peters, born 7 December 1841 and baptised 3 April 1842 at Linton (Eliza).

James Peters, born about 1864 at Linton.

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