The Family of Joseph Nettleton (1824 - )

I am very grateful to Marilyn Myers for much of the information on this page.


Joseph Nettleton was baptised 13 June 1824 at Healaugh by Tadcaster, a son of James Nettleton and Hannah.


In 1851, living with his parents, he was unmarried, aged 26, an agricultural labourer and born at Healaugh.


He (X) (father, James Nettleton) married Ruth Wood after banns, 13 August 1853 at Healaugh.  They were both of full age.  He was a bachelor and labourer of Healaugh.  Ruth's status was unstated and she (X) was of Healaugh and illegitimate.  The witnesses were Anna Nettleton (X) and James Smith (X).


In the 1861 index, at East Tadcaster, Joseph was aged 36 and born at Tadcaster and his wife, Ruth, was aged 34 and born at Manchester.  Their children were James aged 10, born at Healaugh, Mary aged 9, born at Healaugh (his step children?  In 1851 Joseph was living with his parents.), Sarah aged 7, born at Healaugh, William aged 4, born at Tadcaster and Frederic aged 2, born at Tadcaster.


(Ruth Wood had two sons before marrying Joseph Nettleton.  George Wood, was born 1847 and James Wood b 1851.  George later had a daughter Martha who married Vincent Harrison Martindale and they had Muriel.  Muriel married George Brotherton, and they had Richard, who married Jill.)


In the 1871 index, at East Tadcaster, Joseph was aged 47 and his wife, Ruth, was aged 46.  Their children were Frederic aged 12, Fanny aged 7, Harriot aged 5, Emily aged 2 and Annie aged 2 months.  All were born at Tadcaster.


In 1881 he was living at Wighill Lane, West Tadcaster, aged 55, a general labourer, born at Tadcaster.  With him was his wife, Ruth, aged 56 and born at Healaugh.  His children were William, aged 24, single, a general labourer, Harriet, aged 16 an unemployed domestic servant, Emily, aged 11 and Annie, aged 10 all born at Tadcaster.


In the 1891 index, at East Tadcaster, Joseph was aged 64 and born at Tadcaster and his wife, Ruth, was aged 60 and born at Healaugh.  Their child was Fanny aged 27 and born at Tadcaster.  There was also a granddaughter, Roda, aged 6 and born at Tadcaster.  There was also a lodger, Thomas Jenkinson, aged 25 and born at Hull.


In the 1901 census index, in Eccles, Lancs., Joseph was aged 77, no occupation and born in Tadcaster.  He was father-in-law to George Rennison, aged 44 and born in Gainsforth.  His wife was Sarah, aged 44 and born at Tadcaster. 


Joseph and Ruth's children were:

Sarah Nettleton, baptised 9 April 1854 at Healaugh by Tadcaster.  She married George Rennison.  In the 1901 index, at Eccles, George Rennison was aged 44 and born in Gainsforth.  His wife was Sarah, aged 44 and born at Tadcaster.  Their children were Margaret aged 20, George aged 19 and John aged 17, all born in Darlington, James aged 15 and born in West Hartlepool and Harold aged 5 and born in Lancs.  There was also a nurse-child Robert Talbot aged 6 weeks and born at Eccles and George's father-in-law, Joseph Nettleton aged 77 and born at Tadcaster.  In addition there were two boarders, William Leech aged 30, born at Sheffield, and Frank Morrow, aged 35 and born at Brighton.

George and Sarah's children were:

Margaret Rennison, born about 1880 at Darlington.

George Rennison, born about 1881 at Darlington.

John Rennison, born about 1883 at Darlington.

James Rennison, born about 1885 at West Hartlepool.

Harold Rennison, born about 1895 and born in Lancs.

Hannah Nettleton, baptised 27 June 1855 at Healaugh by Tadcaster.

William Nettleton, born about 1856 at Tadcaster.  In 1881 he was a general labourer.

Frederic Nettleton, born about 1858 at Tadcaster

Fanny Nettleton, born about 1863 at Tadcaster

Harriet Hannah Nettleton, born about 1866 at Tadcaster.  In 1881 she was an unemployed domestic servant.  In 1896 she married George James Barker.  Their children were

George Robinson Barker, born 11 Jan 1899.  He married Winifreda Headley, 25 April 1925 in Birdforth.  He married secondly Dorothy May North, 29 March 1975 in Easingwold.  He died 22 November 1984.

Jane Emily Nettleton, born 3 June 1869 at Wighill Lane, Tadcaster East (father a farm labourer).  She (aged 20) married Samuel Broadbelt (aged 23 a labourer, born March 1864 at Scotton, Yorks, son of John Broadbelt {1871 Bricklayer} and Hannah Buckle, and died 1908) 1 December 1888 in the parish church, Christ Church, High Harrogate.  The witnesses were Joseph Nettleton and Elizabeth Ann Coates.  Jane Emily and Sam lived in Upper Denmark Street, Bilton cum Harrogate. 

In 1881 Samuel was a farm servant. 

Harrogate Advertiser - 21st February 1885 (age 21) at Knaresborough Petty Sessions:

"Samuel Broadbelt, labourer, Haverah Park, Harrogate, was charged by Robert Wilson, gamewatcher to Sir Henry Ingilby, with using a snare for taking game.

Complainant stated on the 4th February he saw a hare hung in a hedge by a snare, on the land in the occupation of Henry Jackson.  Watched the hare until the following morning, when the defendant came, and after looking about him he took the hare down, put it under his coat, and was going away when he took it from him.  Saw defendant's master, who stated he never gave him permission to set snares.  Witness had had a deal of trouble with the defendant going about the lands with dogs, and upon asking him if he had any more snares set he said he wished he had 20.  Defendant admitted taking the hare out of the snare, but pleaded that he found the hare fast, but had not set the snare. Fined 10s and 15s costs."

According to a descendent of Samuel and Emily's youngest daughter, Samuel was "a bad man who used to beat them all up".

In 1891, at Lacey Cottages, Methly Road, Whitwood, he (an agricultural labourer) was with his wife Emily.

In 1901, at 9 Prospect Place, Bramley, Leeds, he, as John Broadbelt, was a sewage labourer.

In 1903 he was John Broadbelt, an excavator (Ruth Annie's birth certificate).  The reason for his change of name is unknown, but thought possibly to be escaping court-imposed fines.

In 1925 he was Samuel Broadbelt, a stone mason's labourer, deceased. 

In later life she married a Mr Lockwood who was kind to the family.  She was then widowed and developed Alzheimer's disease and became very violent.  At the time only Lily and Doris lived at home.  She was looked after by Doris whilst Lily worked.  Jane Emily and Samuel's children were

Emily Broadbelt, born 1890 in Harrogate.  She married Harry Bush in 1912 at St Peter's Bramley.  Emily and Harry's children were

Lily Bush (known as Margaret).

Edith Broadbelt, born 1892 at Huddersfield.

Leonard Broadbelt, born 1894 at Leeds.  He died 17 August 1916 in The Somme, private 27202, 12th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own), and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France (Pier and Face 2 A 2 C and 2 D and the memorial is found on the D73, off the main Bapaume to Albert road (D929)).  Leonard's name is also included on a Role of Honour on a plaque in Bramley Church.

Lily Broadbelt, born 3 March 1897 at Rodley, Yorks (father a labourer).  She married after her mother's death, taking all the furniture with her and left Doris just a chair and a bed!

Ada Broadbelt, born 1899 at Rodley, Yorks.

Harold Broadbelt, born 1901 at Rodley, Yorks.

Ruth Annie Broadbelt, born 27 February 1903 at 54 Broad Lane, Bramley, Leeds (father an excavator).  She (aged 22, a spinster and drawer in woollen mill and living at 2 South End Terrace, Bramley, father Sam, deceased, a stone mason's labourer) married Leonard Tomlinson (aged 22, a cloth finisher, a bachelor of 8 Paisley Street, Armley.) 31 October 1925,in the Register Office, Bramley, Leeds.  Marilyn's favourite memories of her were of her teaching her budgerigar, Billie, to recite nursery rhymes and to pick up farthings from an egg cup and drop them over the edge of a table.  She loved Tizer fizzy drink and fisherman's friends cough sweets.  She had a limp, caused, it is thought, from a hip problem from birth.

Leonard died in 1967 in Leeds.  She died in 1967.

Alfred Broadbelt, born 1905 at Bramley, Leeds.

Doris Broadbelt, born 1908 in Bramley, Leeds.  She married Fred and they lived in the family home. 

Anne Elizabeth Nettleton, born about January 1871 at Tadcaster.

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