The Family of William Dickinson (1821 – 1897) of Bilbrough

He was baptised 25 March 1821 at Bilbrough, a son of John Dickinson and Mary, formerly Wilson.

In 1841 he was aged 20 and living at Bilbrough with John (a wheelwright) and Mary Dickinson [his parents].

In 1881 he was living at a Cottage and Joiners Shop in Bilbrough. He was aged 60, a joiner and wheelwright and born at Bilbrough. [It seems he took over the business from his father]. With him was his wife, Elizabeth, aged 58 and born at Wol__mark Yorks and his children Edwin aged 21 a joiner and wheelwright and John aged 19, a clerk, both born at Bilbrough. There was also a granddaughter, Mary Woodbarn, aged 5 and born at Bilbrough, and a lodger, Richard Cleaton, aged 29, a groom (ND), born at Borobridge, Yorks.

William was buried at St James, Bilbrough.  His gravestone reads “In loving memory of William Dickinson of Bilbrough who died December 5th 1897 aged 76 years also Elizabeth wife of the above who died January 1st 1899 aged 76 years”.

William and Elizabeth's children were:

Mary Dickinson (1847 – 1876), baptised 17 October 1847 at Bilbrough.  She (daughter of William) married Robert Woodburn (son of James) at Bilbrough, 18 November 1869.  She died 16 February 1876 aged 28 years and is buried at St James, Bilbrough (see below).  Mary and Robert’s children were:

Mary Woodburn, born about 1876 at Bilbrough.

Ellen Dickinson (1849 – 1878), birth was registered (two possibilities) in the Tadcaster district in the June quarter 1849.  She died 16 April 1876 aged 28 years and was buried at St James, Bilbrough.  Her gravestone reads “In affectionate remembrance of Ellen Dickinson who died April 16th 1878 aged 28 years ‘Her languishing head is at rest Its thinkings and achings are o’er Her quiet unmoveable breast Is heavd by afflictions no more’. Also Mary the beloved wife of Robert Woodburn and sister to the above who died February 16th 1876 aged 28 years ‘She is not dead but sleepeth’”.

Jane Dickinson, baptised 22 December 1850 at Bilbrough.  She (daughter of William) married George Milner Hibbard (son of Thomas) at Bilbrough 12 November 1879.

Margaret Dickinson, baptised 2 August 1852 at Bilbrough

Elizabeth Dickinson, baptised 17 April 1853 at Bilbrough.

Fred Dickinson, baptised 18 February 1855 at Bilbrough.

Edwin Dickinson, born about 1859 at Bilbrough.

John Dickinson, born about 1861 at Bilbrough.

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