The Family of George Asbery ( – 1777)

George Asbery married Elisabeth.


George and Elisabeth's children were


Elisabeth may have been buried 31 May 1772 at Braithwell, wife of George Ashbury of Bramley (could perhaps be the wife of George baptised 1749?).


George Ashbury, of Bramley, an old man, died 13 September 1777 of fever and was buried 15 September 1777 at Braithwell.


The children of George and Elisabeth:


Joseph (1743 - 1743)

He was baptised 12 December 1743 at Braithwell (a son of George Ashberry). He was buried 18 December 1743 (a son of George Ashberry).



He was baptised 27 March 1745 at Braithwell (a son of George Ashberry).



She was baptised 30 April 1747 at Braithwell (a daughter of George Ashberry).  The burial of Alice 11 June 1772 (a daughter of George Ashbury of Bramley) may be connected to the burial of Elisabeth, wife of George in 1772 if George, born 1749, married an Elisabeth.



He was baptised 4 November 1749 at Braithwell (a son of George Ashberry).



He was born about 1750-1 (age at death), a son of George Ashbury and Elisabeth according to the baptism entry of Benjamin’s daughter Ann. 

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