The Family of William Turner

He was born 30 December 1809, of Hatfield, a son of Thomas Turner and Nancy Pattrick.


In 1841, at Barlby, he was a farmer aged 30.  With him was Thomas a farmer aged 23, Charlotte, aged 20 and Charlotte Barrass aged 5.  They were all born in the county.  There were also Abraham Allerton, a male servant, aged 20, Richard Say a male servant aged 16 and Elizabeth Smith a female servant aged 20, all born in the county; and Sarah Glew (William Glew's sister), a visitor aged 20 and not born in the county.


He married Helen Brewer.


In 1861, William and Helen were at Barlby a few cottages away from Thomas.  William was aged 53, a farmer of 5 acres and born at Hatfield.  Helen, his wife, was aged 51 and born at Drax. 

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Posted October 2016