The Family of Thomas Turner junior

He was baptised 14 September 1813 at Hatfield, a son of Thomas Turner and Nancy (formerly Pattrick).


He  married Mary Ann Sampson (born 1818/19 at Sutton) on 12 January 1837 at Drypool, Yorks. 


In 1841, at Barlby, in the household of William Turner, Thomas was a farmer aged 23 and born in the county.


In the 1851 census of Barlby, the next household to his father, he was aged 36, a farmer’s son, born at Hatfield.  His wife, M.A. was aged 32, born at Sutton and their children were George S. aged 12, C.A. aged 11, both scholars and born at Sutton, William aged 8 a scholar born at Barlby and Thomas aged 1, born at Barlby.  With them was Charlotte Sampson, the unmarried sister-in-law of Thomas, aged 30 and born at Sutton. 


In 1861, at Barlby Village, Thomas was aged 47, a farmer of 1772 acres of land employing 2 labourers, born at Hatfield, Yorks., and apparently married though there was no wife at home.  With him were George Sampson, unmarried, aged 22 and born at Hull, Charlotte Ann aged 21 and born at Hull, William aged 18 and born at Barlby, Thomas John aged 11 and born at Barlby.  There was a house servant, Ann Horner (?) aged 22, unmarried and born at Cawood, and a farm servant, William Brown aged 20, and born at Grimston.


In 1871, at Hatfield Woodhouse, there is a Thomas Turner, aged 58, a farmer born at Hatfield.  His wife was Charlotte, aged 50 and born at Hull and there were grandchildren Harry Dodgson aged 4 and Annie Dodgson aged 2, both born in Hull.


Thomas and Mary Ann’s children were:

George Samson Turner, born at Sutton and baptised on 27 May 1838 at Drypool.  In 1861 he was at home.

Charlotte Anne Turner, born at Sutton and baptised on 26 January 1840 at Drypool.  In 1861 she was at home.  She married Frederick Dodgson (born 1842 Wakefield) in the Doncaster district in the June quarter 1865.  In 1881, at Cross Swords Salter Row, Pontefract, Frederick was aged 40, a house furnisher born at Wakefield.  Charlotte A. was aged 41 and born at Hull and their children were Harry aged 14, Annie aged 12, William aged 10 and Emily aged 8.  All the children were born in Wakefield. 

The family emigrated to St Louis, Missouri in the late 1880s, and Charlotte, Frederick, Harry, William and Emily died in Missouri.

Charlotte and Frederick's children were

Harry Dodgson, born 1866 in Wakefield.  He married Rosella Rhines and had seven children.

Annie Dodgson, born 1868 in Wakefield.

William Dodgson, born 1870 in Wakefield.

Emily Dodgson, born 1872 in Wakefield.

William Turner, born 1842/3 at Barlby.  In 1861 he was at home.  He emigrated with his brother Thomas and farmed at South Otter, Macoupin, Illinois.

Thomas John Turner, born 1849, at Barlby.  In 1861 he was at home.  He emigrated with his brother William and farmed at South Otter, Macoupin, Illinois.

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