The Family of Hannah Barrass formerly Turner

I am very grateful to Joyce Barrass for much of the information on this page and for other information about the family of Thomas Turner senior and Nancy.


Hannah Turner was baptised 10 December 1815 at Hatfield, a daughter of Thomas Turner and Nancy (formerly Pattrick). 


She married Samuel Barrass on 23 March 1835 at Cantley, Yorks by licence.  Samuel was a keelman on the canals. 


Hannah died 24 December 1843 at High Street, Kingston upon Hull, of inflammation of the lungs.  She was aged 28 and the wife of Samuel Barrass, a waterman.  XMary Birch of Grimsby Lane registered the death.


In 1871, on the vessel 'Sarah', at Mexborough, Samuel Barras was aged 58 and born at Stainforth.  He was a 'mate' in the household of the master William Glew (born c. 1816 at Crowle) and his wife Jane (born c. 1816 at Hull) and granddaughter Hannah Glew (born c. 1858 at Hull).  Note that Sarah Glew aged 20 was a visitor in 1841.


Hannah and Samuel's children were

Charlotte Barrass (1835 - 1865).  She was baptised 13 December 1835 at Hatfield (daughter of Samuel and Hannah). 

In 1841, at Barlby, in the household of William Turner, Charlotte was aged 5 and born in the county. 

Her place of birth in the 1851 census was Stainforth, but this is close to Hatfield, and probably part of Hatfield parish.  She appears to have had an illegitimate son, Thomas, in about 1857, born in Hull.

In the 1861 census of Hatfield Woodhouse, in the household of her grandfather Thomas Turner, Charlotte was aged 25, a dress maker, born at Stainforth (close to Hatfield).  With her was her son Thomas Barrass aged 3 and born at Hull.

Charlotte married William Bottom (born 1835 Hatfield Woodhouse), a farmer, in October 1861.  She died of tuberculosis in 1865 and was buried at St Lawrence's Church, Hatfield.

William Bottom then married Sarah Firth by whom he had many more children.

Charlotte's son was

Thomas Barrass, born 1857, Chaffer's Alley, Sculcoates, Hull. 

In 1871 he was working on a farm at Huggin Carr, near William Bottom's farm.  Thomas was aged 16.

He married Eliza Wright (born 1857 at Warmsworth and died in 1905 of cerebral meningitis) in 1878 (father given as Thomas Barrass, tailor, but untrue!). 

In 1881, at Arnalls Yard, Bolton On Dearne, Yorks, Thomas Barras was aged 23, an agricultural labourer, born in Hull.  With him were his wife, Eliza, aged 23 and born at Warmsworth, Yorks, and their son, George William, aged 2, born at Bolton On Dearne, Yorks.  Thomas and Eliza had 9 surviving children.

George William Barrass, born about 1878 at Bolton On Dearne, Yorks.

Bruce Aaron Barrass, the sixth child, born 1891 at Rockley Bottom.  He was a railwayman.

Charlotte and William Bottom's son was

George Bottom (1865 - 1865), born 1865 at Hatfield Woodhouse.  He died in 1865, the day after Charlotte died, and was buried with Charlotte at St Lawrence's Church, Hatfield.

Samuel Barrass.  He was baptised on 25 September 1837 at Hatfield (son of Samuel and Hannah).  He was a keelman on the canals. 

Thomas Barrass.  He was baptised 4 August 1839 at Hatfield (son of Samuel and Ann).  He was a keelman on the canals7.  He married Mary Ann Brooke (alias Audas) by 1881 and was master of the 'Thistle' in Drypool dock at Hull.

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