The Family of Elizabeth Chester formerly Turner (1811 – 1845)

Elizabeth Turner was born 4 April 1811 and baptised 13 April 1811 at Hatfield, a daughter of Thomas Turner and Nancy (formerly Pattrick).


Elizabeth Turner married George Chester14 May 1828 at Hatfield near Doncaster.


In 1841, at Ninescore, Finningley, Notts., George was aged 35-39, a butcher born in Notts.  With him were Elizabeth aged 30-34, not born in Notts and Thomas aged 10, Mary aged 9, Elizabeth aged 7, George aged 5 and Charlotte aged 3, all born in Notts.


Elizabeth died 5 June 1845 at Finningly.  She was the wife of George Chester, butcher who registered the death on 20 June.  She died of consumption and was aged 34.


George married secondly Jane about 1849-50.


In 1851, at Horse and Stag, Finningley, Notts, George Chester was aged 47, a butcher and farmer of 40 acres and born at Finningly.  With him was his wife, Jane, aged 40 and born at Upton, Yorks and his children Thomas, aged 21, a butcher, George aged 15, Charlotte aged 12, Sarah aged 9, Jane aged 1 and William aged 1 month.  All the children were born at Finningly.


George and Elizabeth's children were

Thomas Chester, born about 1830 at Finningley, Notts.  In 1851 he was a butcher living at home.

Mary Chester, born about 1831 at Notts

Elizabeth Chester, born about 1833 at Notts.  She died 8 November 1845 at Finningly aged 12 of "fever 8 weeks, certified".  Her father registered her death.

George Chester, born about 1835 at Finningley, Notts.  In 1851 he was living at home.

Charlotte Chester, born about 1837 at Finningley, Notts.  In 1851 she was living at home.  She married George Fisher (born 1843 at Dinnington and died 1886, buried at Dinnington).  In the 1871 and 1881 census, he was a blacksmith and grocer.  Charlotte then took over the grocer's shop (1891 and 1901 censuses).  Charlotte, a widow, died at Anston in 1910 (buried at St James, South Anston). 

George and Charlotte's children were

Mary Ann Fisher, born 1867

Jane Fisher (1870 - 1894), born 1870 and died 1894, buried at Dinnington.

Emily Fisher, born 1872

Clara Fisher, born 1874

Fanny Elizabeth Fisher (1877 - 1907), born 1877.  She married a miner, Robert Wistow Clarke (born 1875 at Rotherham and died 1926 at Anston, buried at St James, South Anston).  She died 1907 (buried at St James, South Anston). 

Sarah Chester, born about 1841 at Finningley, Notts.  In 1851 she was living at home.

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