The Family of Thomas Skelton

Thomas married Mary.

There is a marriage of Thomas Skelton to Mary Moore 30 December 1783 at Woodhall, Lincs , midway between Boston and Lincoln (which are about 30 miles apart). Nettleham is 3 miles north-east of Lincoln.

Thomas and Mary's children could be:

  1. John, baptised 5 October 1784 at Nettleham, Lincs (Scelton). He died (was buried) 10 October 1784.
  2. Mary Moore, baptised 8 May 1786 at Boston, Lincs.
  3. Sarah Moore, baptised 24 August 1788 at Boston, Lincs.
  4. John, baptised 9 November 1788 at Nettleham, Lincs.
  5. Thomas Moore, baptised 30 June 1796 at St Swithin, Lincoln.
  6. Elizabeth, baptised 20 February 1800, St Swithin, Lincoln. She died (was buried) 13 December 1803.
  7. William, baptised 22 June 1804 at St Swithin, Lincoln.

The baptism dates of Sarah Moore and John appear to be too close - the original entries need to be checked. The use of 'Moore' seems to tie the Boston and Lincoln baptisms together. The first baptism of John is a suitable time from the marriage.

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Posted October 2016