The Family of Thomas Shaw of South Wingfield

Thomas Shaw married Dorothy Taylor 1755 at South Wingfield. 

Dorothy Shaw was probably buried 4 August 1771 at South Wingfield.


Thomas Shaw may have been buried 27 July 1795 at South Wingfield.


Their children are as follows:


1.      Joseph, baptised 25 March 1756 at South Wingfield.  He probably died in infancy/childhood and there is a burial of a Joseph Shaw 28 September 1766 at South Wingfield.

2.      Mary, baptised 26 June 1757 at South Wingfield.  She probably died in infancy but apparently her burial does not appear in the register.

3.      Dolly, baptised 12 May 1761 at South Wingfield.  She married Robert Hawksley.

4.      William, baptised 26 December 1762 at South Wingfield.

5.      Salathiel, baptised 16 May 1765 at South Wingfield.  He was probably buried 25 October 1767 at South Wingfield.

6.      Mary, baptised 17 May 1767 at South Wingfield.  She married George Marsden.

7.      Joseph, baptised 25 December 1769 at South Wingfield.

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Posted January 2016