The Family of Mary Harlow formerly Johnson (1805 – 1875)

She was baptised 4 November 1805 at Pentrich, a daughter of Alexander Johnson and Hannah (formerly Fletcher).


She married Edward Harlow, 25 December 1823 at Alfreton.


In the census of 1841, of Furnace Row, Ironville, Mary (35-39) was with her husband Edward Harlow (40-44), a furnace keeper, and children Maria 15, Elizabeth 10, Sarah 10, Hannah 5, George 2 and Mary 3 months and all were born in Derbyshire.


In the census of 1851, at Ironville Row, Edward was aged 56, a foundry labourer, born at Brailsford. His wife Mary was aged 46, born at Pentrich, and their children were Maria aged 25 a house servant, Sarah aged 19 (?) a lace turner (?), Hannah aged 15 a lace turner (? 'ditto'), George, aged 12 a forge labourer, Mary aged 10, Joseph aged 7 and Anne aged 4 all born at Ironville.


In the census of 1861, of 5, Ironville Row, Mary was a widow, 56, born at Pentrich, with son George, 22, a stocktaker, son Joseph, 17, an ironwork labourer and daughter Ann, a pupil teacher, all born at Ironville, and granddaughter Maria Wardle, 3, born at Stavely. From the IGI, Maria Wardle, daughter of Hannah and William, was baptised 20 December 1857 at Stavely.


In the 1871 census, of 5 Furnace Row, Ironville, she was a widow aged 66 and born in Pentrich. Her brother William was living with her, also born in Pentrich.


There is a suitable death entry for Mary in the March quarter 1875 in the Belper district. She was aged 70.


Edward and Mary's children were:

1.      Maria Harlow, born at Ironville and baptised 14 August 1825 at Alfreton.  In 1841 aged 15 and 1851 aged 25 (house servant) she was at home.  She married James Henson 17 January 1857 at Christchurch, Ironville after banns.  She was a spinster aged 31, if Ironville a daughter of Edward Harlow a labourer.  James (X) was a bachelor aged 37, a crate maker and a son of John Henson a labourer.  The witnesses were George Harlow and Hannah Harlow.  James and Maria have not been found in the 1861 or 1871 censuses.

2.      Amy Harlow (1827 – 1830), baptised 29 April 1827 at Alfreton.  She was buried 11 May 1830 aged 3 from Ironville at St Martin’s, Alfreton.  (Not found in the censuses.)

3.      Elizabeth Harlow, born about 1830.  She was in the 1841 census aged 10 (rounded?).  There is a death registration for Elizabeth Harlow, aged 18 in 1847, in the Alfreton sub-district.

4.      Sarah Harlow, born at Ironville and baptised 26 June 1831 at Alfreton.  In 1841 aged 10 and 1851 aged 19 (lace turner?) she was at home.

She married George Smith at Riddings Independent Chapel in 1858.

In 1861 at 14 Ironville Row, Ironville, she was aged 29 and born in Ironvelle.  George was aged 28 a brick layers labourer and born in Leicestershire.  Sarah has not been found in 1871.

5.      William Harlow, baptised 5 December 1833 at Alfreton.  Not found in the censuses.

6.      Hannah Harlow (1835 - 1869), born at Ironville and baptised 20 September 1835 at Alfreton.  In 1841 aged 5 and 1851 aged 15 (lace turner?) she was at home.  She married William Wardle.  Their daughter was apparently Maria, who was aged 3 and born at Stavely and in 1861 was with her grandmother, Mary Harlow. 

In 1861, at Speedwell Terrace, Staveley, Hannah was aged 25 and born in Ironville.  Her husband was William, a collier aged 25 and born in Kirkby Notts, and their son was John Edward aged 5 months, born at Staveley.  A family called Simms were staying with them.

There is a death entry for a Hannah Wardle in the Chesterfield district in the September quarter 1869 (7b 360).  She was aged 34.

In 1871, at 10 Gregory’s Row, Low Gates, Stavely, William was a widower and a coal miner aged 35 and born ?, Notts, and his children were Maria aged 13, John Edward aged 10, Thomas aged 7 and Mary aged 5, all born at Stavely.

In 1881, at Poplars, Staveley, William was aged 45 and married (apparently), a coal miner born at Kirkby, Notts.  His children were John aged 20, a coal labourer, Thomas aged 17 a coal labourer and Mary aged 15 a domestic servant, all born at Staveley.

In 1891 William and his son John were in the household of William’s daughter, Maria Scott.

In 1911 he was living with his daughter Maria Scott and her family, a widower aged 75, a retired miner born in Kirkby, Notts.

a.       Maria Wardle (1857 – 1948), baptised 20 December 1857 at Stavely (IGI), daughter of Hannah and William.  She married Alfred Scott in the March quarter 1880 in the Marsden Street United Methodist Free Chapel, Chesterfield. 

In 1891, in Chesterfield Road (Poplars), Staveley, Alfred Scott was aged 32 a colliery labourer born at Bishopston, Bucks.  Maria, his wife, was aged 33 and born at Staveley.  Their children were Hannah aged 9, Thomas aged 5, Sarah aged 3 and Harry aged 1.  All were born at Staveley.  Also with them was William Wardle, father-in-law, a widower aged 56 a coal miner born at Kirkby and John Wardle, brother-in-law, single and aged 30 a coal miner born at Staveley.

In 1901 at 19 Castle Road, Woodford Halse, near Daventry, Northants, Maria was aged 43 and born at Staveley.  Alfred was aged 43, a railway wagon maker, born at Stowe, Bucks.  Their children were Thomas aged 15 a wagon maker’s apprentice, Sarah aged 13, Harry aged 10, William aged 9 and Helmer aged 4.  All were born at Staveley.

In 1911, in six rooms at 35 Low Gates Staveley, Alfred Scott was aged 52, a joiner at a colliery and bor at Bishopstone, Bucks.  His wife Maria was aged 53 and born at Staveley.  They had been married for 31 years and had had seven children of whom one had died.  Their children were Thomas aged 25 a railway stores clerk, Sarah aged 23 a dressmaker working on her own account at home, Harry aged 20 a colliery fireman, William A. aged 19 a colliery motor man below ground and Helmer aged 14 a shop boy.  All were born in Staveley.  Also with them was ‘wife’s father’ aged 75, a widower and retired miner, born at Kirkby, Notts.

Maria Scott’s death was registered in the Chesterfield district in the December quarter 1948.  She was aged 91.

Maria and Alfred’s children were

                                                                           i.      Hannah Mary Scott, birth registered in the Eckington sub-district in 1881.

                                                                         ii.      Thomas Scott, birth registered in the Eckington sub-district in 1886.

                                                                       iii.      Sarah Scott, birth registered in the Eckington sub-district in 1888.

                                                                       iv.      Harry Scott, birth registered in the Eckington sub-district in 1890.

                                                                         v.      William Alfred Scott, birth registered in the Eckington sub-district in 1892.

                                                                       vi.      Helmer Scott, birth registered in the Eckington sub-district in 1897.  He married Florence Stephens in the Chesterfield district in the December quarter 1920.

b.      John Edward Wardle, born about 1860 at Stavely.

In 1891 he was aged 30 and living with his sister Maria’s family.

c.       Thomas Wardle, born about 1863 at Stavely.

d.      Mary Wardle, born about 1865 at Stavely.

7.      George Harlow (1838 – 1913), born at Ironville and baptised 16 December 1838 at Alfreton. 

In 1841 aged 2, 1851 aged 12 (forge labourer) and 1861 aged 22, he was at home.  He may have married Elizabeth Peach at Holloway Weslyan Reform Chapel, Ashover in 1865.  Elizabeth had been house keeper to William Johnson in 1861.

In the 1881 census he appears to be 42, born at Ironville, a mill furnace man and living at 26 King William Street, Ironville.  His wife was Elizabeth, aged 47 and born at Alfreton, and with him was his niece, Sarah Harrison, aged 14, born at Alfreton.  In 1891 at Pye Bridge, Selston, Notts, George was aged 52 a coal miner born at Ironville, his wife, Elizabeth was aged 55, corrected from 57, and born at Greenhill Lane, and with them was Alice Barlow aged 4, niece, born at Codnor.  In the 1901 census he appears to be aged 62, born at Ironville and living at Selston, a colliery banksman, with Elizabeth aged 67 and born at Riddings.  In 1911 he was a boarder at Green Hill Lane, nr Alfreton.  He was a widower aged 72 living on an old age pension.  His death was registered in the September quarter 1913, in the Belper district (Alfreton sub-district).  He was aged 74.  He was buried 29 July 1913 at Riddings Congregational Chapel, aged 74.  Probate was granted 4 September 1913 at Derby to Ann Jeffries [sister] (wife of Herbert Jeffries)  His effects were £30.13s.

8.      Mary Harlow, born about Dec 1840 at Ironville.  In the 1841 aged 3 months and the 1851 census aged 10 she was at home.

9.      Joseph Harlow, born about 1843 at Ironville and baptised 13 September 1846 at Riddings.

In 1851 aged 7 and 1861 aged 17 he was at home.  He married Emma Hillman in the June quarter 1870 in the Dewsbury district.  In 1871 in Commercial Street, Mirfield, Yorks, he was aged 26, a mill furnace man and born in Ironville.  His wife was Emma, aged 20 and born in Tipton Staffs.  They have not been found in later censuses.

10.  Ann Harlow (1846 – 1924), born at Ironville and baptised 26 May 1846 at Riddings. 

In 1851 aged 4 she was at home.

In the census of 1861, at home at 5 Ironville Row, she was a pupil teacher.  She married Herbert Jeffries in the June quarter 1867, in the registration district of Belper (Ann Harlow cross-matched with Herbert Jeffries)18. 

In 1871 at 5 Furnace Row, Ironville, sharing a house with her mother and uncle, Ann was aged 24 and born in Ironville.  Her husband Herbert was aged 28, a smith in Rydepart (?) and born in Mansfield, Notts.  Their children were Mary A aged 2 born in Ironville and Joseph aged 1 and born in Alfreton. 

In the 1881 census of School House, Alfreton (very probably Ironville, but stated as Alfreton, at www, Herbert was a sexton, aged 38, born at Mansfield, Ann had no occupation and was aged 34 and born at Ironville.  Their children were Mary A., aged 12, Joseph, aged 11, Herbert, aged 9, Kate, aged 7, Edith E., aged 5 (all scholars) and Frank, aged 7 months, all born at Ironville.  Ann arranged her uncle, William’s funeral and inherited his household furniture, clothes, watch and the residue of his estate16. 

In 1891 at the caretaker’s House, next to the National School, Ann was aged 44 and born at Ironville.  Herbert, her husband was aged 48 and caretaker of schools and sexton, born in Mansfield, Notts.  Their children were Joseph aged 21 a forge roller, Herbert aged 19 a fireman stationary engine, Edith E. aged 15, Frank aged 10, Annie aged 4 all born at Ironville.

In the 1901 census at Mansfield Road (Nethergreen) Eastwood, Notts, she was aged 54, born at Ironville, a laundry managress (employer).  Her husband, Herbert, was aged 58 a laundry proprietor and employer, born at Mansfield.  Their daughters were Kate aged 27 a laundry forewoman (worker), Edith E. aged 25 a laundry porter and packer, and Annie aged 14 a pupil teacher.  All were born at Ironville.

In 1911, at Nethergreen, Eastwood, in six rooms and working at home, Ann was aged 64 and born at Ironville and assisting in business with her husband Herbert, a hand laundry proprietor, aged 68 and born in Mansfield.  They had been married for 43 years and had had 10 children three of whom had died.  With them was their single daughter Edith Ellen aged 35 also assisting in business and born in Ironville, and their granddaughter Edith aged 13 (Joseph’s child), born at Swanwick.  There was also a servant, Sarah Ann Severn, aged 18.

Ann’s death was registered in the Basford district (includes Eastwood) in the December quarter 1924.  She was aged 78.

Herbert and Ann Jerries were both buried in Ironville with a marble headstone with double kerbs.  The inscription reads:

Herbert Jeffries, died March 4th 1914, aged 71 yrs. “Sorrow vanquished, Labour ended, Jordan passed.”  Also Ann, wife of above, died Oct. 28th 1924, aged 78 yrs.  “Until the day break and the shadows flee away.”  Also Lce. Cpl. George Vernon, grandson of the above, who was killed at Hooge, France, July 29th, 1915, aged 18 yrs.  Also Pte. L. Jeffries, M. G. C. grandson of above killed in action at Gouzeaucourt, Sept. 13th 1918, aged 22 yrs.

Ann and Herbert’s children were

a.       Mary Ann Jeffries, born 1868 at Ironville.  She married Samuel Vernon 14 June 1890 at Christchurch, Ironville, after banns.  He was a bachelor ‘forge’ and a son of James Vernon ‘forge’ and she was a spinster and a daughter of Herbert Jeffries, clerk.  The witnesses were Herbert Jeffries and Ellen Hanson.  In 1901 at Market Street, Egstow, Clay Cross, Samuel was aged 32, a mechanic fitter, born at Ironville.  Mary A. was aged 32 and born at Ironville.  Their children were Wilfred aged 9, Herbert aged 4 and George aged 3 all born at Sheffield.  In 1911 at Lower Somercoates, Nr Alfreton, in 6 rooms, Samuel was aged 42 a blast furnace foreman, born in Codnor Park.  His wife, Mary Ann was aged 42 and born at Codnor Park.  They had been married for 20 years and had had 6 children five of whom were still living.  They were Wilfred aged 19 a boiler maker’s apprentice, Herbert aged 14 an errand boy and George aged 13 a blacksmith’s apprentice at an ironworks, all born in Sheffield, Dorothy aged 9 born in Clay Cross and Samuel aged 3 born in Somercoates.  Samuel and Mary Ann’s children were:

                                                                     i.            Wilfred Vernon, born in 1892 in Sheffield.

                                                                   ii.            Herbert Vernon, born in 1896 in Sheffield.

                                                                 iii.            George Vernon (1897 – 1915), born in 1897 in Sheffield.  He was killed 29 July 1915 at Hooge, France, lance corporal in the Sherwood Foresters no 1840 1/5 battalion.  He enlisted at Ripley and was of Alfreton.  He is commemorated at Ypres (Menin Gate).

                                                                 iv.            Dorothy Vernon, born about 1901 in Clay Cross.

                                                                   v.            Samuel Vernon, born about 1907 in Somercoates. 

b.      Joseph Jeffries, born 1870 at Ironville.  In 1901, at Greenhill Lane, Riddings, in four rooms, Joseph was aged 31, a gas stoker.  Elizabeth his wife, was aged 28 and their children were Leslie aged 5 and Edith aged 3.  All were born in Alfreton.  Joseph and Elizabeth’s children were:

                                                                     i.            Thomas Leslie Jeffries, born about 1895 at Alfreton.  He was killed in action in 1918 (see above).  He (as Leslie) was formerly 268446 Notts and Derby Regt, and enlisted at Alfreton.  He was a son of Joseph and Elizabeth Jeffries of 10 Orchard Road, Riddings, Alfreton and is commemorated on panel 10 Vis-en-Artois.

                                                                   ii.            Edith Jeffries, born about 1897 at Alfreton.

                                                                 iii.            Joseph Henry Jeffries (1909 – 1978), born in 1909 at Alfreton.  In 1939, at 10 Orchard Road, Alfreton, he was a colliery banksman (surface, heavy worker), single, with a birth date of 9 January 1909.  With him was [his mother] Elizabeth A Jeffries a widow born 2 September 1872, udd.  He probably married Miriam Alice Taylor in 1945 at Ripley All Saints.  His death was registered in the December quarter 1978 with a birth date of 9 January 1909.

c.       Herbert Jeffries, born 1872 at Ironville.

d.      Kate Jeffries, born 1873 at Ironville.

e.       Edith Ellen Jeffries, born 1875 at Ironville.

f.       George Edward Jeffries (1877 – 1877), birth registered in the Belper district in the September quarter 1877.  His death is probably registered in the Belper district in the September quarter 1877.

g.      Emily Jeffries (1880 – 1880), born 1880 and died 1880.

h.      Frank Jeffries, born about August 1880 at Ironville.

i.        Henry Jeffries (1884 – 1884), born 1884 and died 1884.

j.        Annie Jeffries, born 1886 at Ironville.

There was a further birth registration in the Alfreton sub-district, Harry Jeffries, in 1871, but his death was not registered and he doesn’t appear in the censuses, so is probably not a child of Herbert and Ann Jeffries.

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