The Family of Thomas Killingbeck ( – 1727) of Cawood

The baptism of Thomas junior’s son James names Thomas’s parents as John Killingbeck of Cawood, farmer and Mary.  However the baptisms at Riccall name them as Thomas of Cawood and Mary his wife.


There is a possible baptism of Thomas, son of Thomas, 10 July 1726 at Cawood. Although Thomas’s baptism ought to be nearer 1732, from his age given in the marriage entry to Mary Ruff, given the age of the bride, Thomas’s age may well be underestimated.  The death of Thomas junior’s probable father and the absence of other Killingbeck baptisms/families suggest that this is probably the correct one.  The absence of other Killingbeck entries is puzzling.  The bishop’s transcripts form a complete run from at least 1702 to at least 1738 but the only other entry found was a baptism of Dorothy, daughter of Thomas 12 March 1702/3.  There is a marriage of a Jane Killingbeck of Cawood to John Steel of Wistron by licence 24 November 1767 at Cawood.  The witnesses were Jonathan Botton and George Tysler. 


There is a burial of Thomas Killingbeck 4 April 1727 at Cawood.  This entry has no additional detail as in other entries on the same page (i.e. son of, ) so is most probably that of an adult; Thomas senior.


Thomas and Mary’s children were:

Dorothy Killingbeck(?), baptised 12 March 1702/3 at Cawood.

Thomas Killingbeck, baptised 10 July 1726 at Cawood.


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Posted January 2017