The Family of James Hawksley of South Wingfield

He was baptised 12 November 1815 at South Wingfield (framework knitter), a son of George Hawksley and Sarah, formerly Turner.

He was a framework knitter, labourer, and, later, a collier.

He married first Elizabeth Marriott (X), (a daughter of Samuel Marriott and Hannah, baptised 7 February 1813 at South Wingfield) a seamer, 28 December 1835 at South Wingfield after banns.  The witnesses were Elizabeth Hawksley and Samuel Richards.

Elizabeth may have had an illegitimate son, Emmanuel, born about 1833, a framework knitter, aged 18 in 1851. 

In 1841, in Church Street, South Wingfield, James was aged 25 a framework knitter, Elizabeth was aged 25 a seamer, Emanuel was aged 8, George was aged 5, James was aged 3 and Alice was aged 3 months.

In 1851, at South Wingfield, James was aged 35, a cotton framework knitter.  His wife, Elizabeth, was aged 38 and their children were Emmanuel, aged 18, George, aged 15 and James aged 13, all cotton framework knitters, Winfield aged 8, Sarah aged 6 and Anice aged 4 and all were born in South Wingfield.

Elizabeth was buried 6 January 1856, at South Wingfield aged 43.

James, a widower and collier (son of George Hawksley, a framework knitter) married secondly Ann Booth (a widow, though her father is given as William Booth, a stone mason), 25 May 1858 at South Wingfield, after banns.  They were both of full age and of South Wingfield.  The witnesses were Aaron Hawksley and Mary Booth.

In 1861, at South Wingfield, James was aged 45, a coal wharf man, born at S. Wingfield.  Ann, his wife, was aged 48, a dressmaker, born at S. Wingfield.  Their child was Winfield, aged 18 a colliery engine man, born at S. Wingfield.  There were also two unmarried step children, James Booth aged 26, a colliery engine man and Ann Booth, aged 16 (domestic duties), both born at S. Wingfield.

Ann was buried 3 September 1861, at South Wingfield aged 48.

James Hawksley married thirdly Elizabeth Machin at St John, Derby, in the June quarter 1863.

In 1871, at South Wingfield he was aged 55, a farmer and shopkeeper.  His wife was Elizabeth aged 45 a housewife and with them were Elizabeth’s children Jabez Machin aged 20, a coal miner, Sarah Machin aged 16 a factory hand and Thomas Machin aged 12.  There was also William Hawksley, James and Elizabeth’s son aged 7.  All were born at South Wingfirld.

James, a general dealer, died 5 June 1878 at South Wingfield and was buried 9 June 1878, at South Wingfield aged 62.  Probate of his will was granted at Derby 6 August 1878 to James Booth butcher and George Turner coal miner, both of South Wingfield, the executors (no estate value).

In 1881, at South Wingfield, Elizabeth was a widow aged 35 (!), a draper and born at South Wingfield.  Her son, William was aged 17, a working miller and born at South Wingfield.  There was also a grandson of Elizabeth’s, Thomas F. Thompson aged 11, born at Ironville.  This is the correct family as a Mary Machin, married a Frederick Thompson at South Wingfield 8 July 1867 and in 1861 a Mary Machin aged 13 was with her mother, widow Elizabeth Machin aged 38 and her other children sarah aged 6 and Thomas aged 2.  Elizabeth was a daughter of Sarah Booth aged 75 who was head of the household.

James and Elizabeth (Marriot)'s children were

George Hawksley (1836 - 1876), baptised 22 May 1836 (framework knitter) and buried 1 October 1876 at South Wingfield, aged 40.  He probably married Phoebe.

In 1881, at South Wingfield, Phoebe was a widow, aged 46, a dress maker, born at Heage.  With her were her unmarried children, George, aged 20, a coal miner, Ellen H., aged 17, an unemployed servant, Sarah aged 15, a cotton doubler, Mary Jane, aged 13, a servant, James F. aged 11, Florence A. aged 8, Sydney aged 5 and Maurice aged 3, all born in South Wingfield.  There was also a married daughter, Alice Bradley, aged 23, a cotton doubler, born at South Wingfield and grandchildren George E. Bradley aged 2 born at South Wingfield and Charles F. Bradley aged 8 months, born at Swanwick.

The children of George and Phoebe were

Elizabeth Hawksley, baptised 17 January 1858 at South Wingfield (collier).

Alice Hawksley, baptised 17 January 1858 at South Wingfield (collier).  She married a Bradley.  Her children were

George E. Bradley, born about 1878 at South Wingfield

Charles F. Bradley, born about July 1880 at Swanwick.

George Henry Hawksley, baptised 19 May 1861 at South Wingfield (collier).  He probably married Philis Perry of Crich in 1884 (banns called).

Ellen Hannah Hawksley, baptised 1 November 1863 at South Wingfield (collier).

Sarah Hawksley, baptised 16 July 1865 at South Wingfield (coal miner).

Mary Jane Hawksley, baptised 12 September 1869 at South Wingfield (collier).

James Frederic Hawksley, baptised 21 May 1870 at South Wingfield (collier).

Florence Annie Hawksley, baptised 31 May 1874 at South Wingfield (collier).

Maurice Hawksley, baptised 17 April 1878 at South Wingfield (collier).

Sydney Hawksley, baptised 31 August 1879 at South Wingfield (collier).

James Hawksley, born about 18386 and baptised 25 December 1841 at South Wingfield (framework knitter).  He was a collier when he married factory hand Elizabeth Booth (X) 2 November 1857 at South Wingfield, after banns.  They were both minors and of South Wingfield.  He was a son of James Hawksley, a labourer, and she was a daughter of Charles Booth, a framework knitter.  The witnesses were John Hawksley and Hannah Booth.

In 1881 he was living at Inns Lane, South Wingfield, aged 43, a coal miner, born at South Wingfield.  His wife, Elizabeth was aged 42 and their children were James aged 20 a coal miner, Charles aged 18, a coal miner, Annie Maria aged 16 a domestic servant, Hannah, 14 unemployed, Arthur, aged 12, Elizabeth aged 7, Fanny aged 5 and Patty aged 3, all born in South Wingfield.  James and Elizabeth’s children were:

Maria Hawksley (1859 - 1862), baptised 3 July 1859 at South Wingfield (collier).  She was buried 7 May 1862 at South Wingfield, aged 2.

James Hawksley, baptised 19 May 1861 at South Wingfield (collier).

Charles Hawksley, baptised 8 February 1863 at South Wingfield (collier).

Annie Maria Hawksley, baptised 18 September 1864 at South Wingfield (coal miner).

Hannah Hawksley, baptised 16 September 1866 at South Wingfield (coal miner).

Arthur Hawksley, baptised 1 November 1868 at South Wingfield (collier).

Martha Hawksley, baptised 6 September 1870 at South Wingfield (collier).  She may have been buried 13 July 1871 at South Wingfield, aged 15 months (of South Wingfield, but another possibility is Martha, a daughter of Ann [a daughter of Aaron] ).

Matthew Hawksley (1871 - 1872), baptised 20 July 1871 at South Wingfield (collier).  He was buried 9 April 1872 at South Wingfield, aged 13 months.

Elizabeth Hawksley, baptised 28 December 1873 at South Wingfield (collier).

Fanny Hawksley, baptised 31 October 1875 at South Wingfield (collier).

Patty Margaret Hawksley, baptised 25 January 1880 at South Wingfield (collier).

Samuel Hawksley (1839 - 1841), born about 18391, baptised 4 April 1841 (framework knitter) and buried 18 April 1841 at South Wingfield

Alice Hawksley (1841 - 1845), born about early January 18416 at South Wingfield, baptised 25 December 18411 (framework knitter) and buried 1 January 1845, aged 3 at South Wingfield

Winfield Hawksley (1843 - 1899), baptised 6 March 1843 at South Wingfield (framework knitter, of The Poor Houses).  He (20, an engineer of South Wingfield, son of James Hawksley, a collier) married Dolly Lynam (18, of Oakerthorpe, a daughter of William Lynam, an engineer) 17 March 1862 at South Wingfield, after banns.  The witnesses were James Lynam and Sarah Hawksley. 

This Winfield Hawksley is probably the one who claimed £93. 11s. 1d from the Sheffield Water Company, as a result of the collapse of the Dale Dyke dam at Bradfield, near Sheffield, at about midnight 11 March 1864.  The flood killed 250 people and devastated an area from the dam to Sheffield town centre and beyond.  He was a coal merchant of St John's Brewery, Yard, Park, Sheffield.  His claim was assessed by agreement, including costs, at £32. 13s. 0d and was granted 18 July 1865.  He may have gone out of business therefore and moved to higher ground.

In 1881 he and his family lived at 67 Hill Top, Attercliffe cum Darnall, Sheffield.  He was aged 38, an engineer at iron works and a baker, born at Winfield.  Dolly was aged 35 and born at Heage.  Their children were Mary, aged 18, James aged 15 a baker, Susan aged 12, Winfield aged 9, all born at South Wingfield and Elizabeth aged 5 and Ellen aged 2, both born at Sheffield.

In 1891 he and his family were at 647 Attercliffe Road, Attercliffe cum Darnall.  He was aged 47, a steam engine fitter (stationary) and employed (born at South Winfield) and his wife, Dolly was aged 45 and a confectioner (born at Belper).  Their children, all unmarried were Mary 28 and Susan 22 (both confectioner’s assistants and born South Wingfield), Winfield 19 a hay and straw dealer employed, Helen 12, Norma 10, Annie 8, George 6, Dolly 4 and Percy 2 (all born in Sheffield).  Also with them was a visitor ? Neillsen, a steam engine fitter who was born in Copenhagen.

Winfield died 25 November 1899 (registered in the December quarter 1899 in the Sheffield district (9c 397), aged 56).  He was of 647 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield and probate of his will was granted at Wakefiled 15 December to Dolley Hawksley, widow.  His effects were £210.13s.2d.

Winfield and Dolly's children were

Mary Hawksley, born about 1862 at South Wingfield

James Hawksley, baptised 16 August 1866 at South Wingfield (Winfield and Dorothy, New Houses, Birches Lane, engine tender).

Susan Hawksley, born about 1868 at South Wingfield

Winfield Hawksley (1871 - 1894), born about1871 at South Wingfield or Sheffield.  His birth seems to have been registered in the Sheffield district in the December quarter 1871.  His death was registered in the Sheffield district in the December quarter 1894 (9c 239).  He was aged 23.

Elizabeth Hawksley, born about 1875 at Sheffield

Helen Hawksley, born about 1878 at Sheffield

Norma Hawksley, born about 1881 at Sheffield

Annie Hawksley, born about 1882 at Sheffield

George Hawksley, born about 1884 at Sheffield

Dolly Hawksley, born about 1886 at Sheffield

Percy Hawksley, born about 1888 at Sheffield

Sarah Hawksley, born about 18458 at South Wingfield and baptised 16 February 1850 at South Wingfield (framework knitter).

Annis Hawksley (Anice), born about 1847 at South Wingfield and baptised 16 February1850 at South Wingfield (framework knitter).

John Hawksley (1850 - 1850), baptised 16 February 1850 at South Wingfield (framework knitter) and buried 31 March 1850 at South Wingfield.

James and Elizabeth (Machin)’s child was

William Hawksley, born at South Wingfield.

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