The Family of Aaron Hawksley of South Wingfield

He was baptised 18 October 1827 at South Wingfield (framework knitter), a son of George Hawksley and Sarah, formerly Turner. 

He was a miner and married Alice Coupe, a dressmaker, 28 March 1853 at South Wingfield, after banns.  She was a widow, a daughter of Ellis Naylor, an engineer and of South Wingfield.  Aaron was a son of George Hawksley, a framework knitter.  Both were of full age.  The witnesses were John Booth and Edward Cupit.

In 1861, at South Wingfield, Aaron was aged 33, a coal miner, born in South Wingfield.  His wife was Alice aged 34 and her occupation was 'domestic duties' and she was born at Brampton.  Their children were Ann aged 7, George aged 4 and Ellis aged 2, all born at S. Wingfield.  There was also a 'son-in-law' Frederic Cope aged 13, a coal miner, born at Tupton Woodthorpe.

In 1871, at Oakerthorpe, South Wingfield, Aaron was not at home but his wife, Alice was aged 46, a coal miner’s wife and born at Brampton.  Her children were Ann aged 17 and Walter T. aged 10 and there was also a granddaughter, Martha, aged 9 months.  All were born at South Wingfield.

In 1881, at Oakerthorpe, South Wingfield, Aron (sic) was aged 53, a colliery agent, born at South Wingfield.  His wife, Halley (sic) was aged 53 and born at Old Brampton.  With them were their unmarried children George, a labourer aged 25, and Walter T. aged 19, both born at South Wingfield.

Alice was buried 26 March 1882, at South Wingfield, aged 55.  She died at Oakerthorpe.

In the June quarter 1890 in the Burton on Trent district, Aaron married Susannah Willatt.

In Kelly's Directory 1891, Aaron was living at Oakerthorpe and described as a farmer and manager of Oakerthorpe Colliery Co.  He and a partner operated Wood mine for house coal (the Tupton Standing seam).

In 1891, near The Etchels, Church Broughton, Burton on Trent, Aaron was aged 60, a coal merchant, employer, (no place of birth).  His wife, Susannah, was aged 55 and a farmer, employer, (no place of birth).  With them was widow Mary Mason a sister-in-law aged 60 and living on her own means (no place of birth) and niece Jane Brooks, single, aged 32 a dairy maid (no place of birth).  There were 4 servants, Thomas Johnson aged 20 a farm labourer (no place of birth) Jacob Woollat aged 15 a farm labourer born at Church Broughton, Thomas Salt aged 12 a farm labourer born at Hatton and Hilda Appleby aged 15 a general domestic servant born at Church Broughton.

In 1893 Aaron is described as the owner of Pentrich colliery, a small mine employing some 30 men and doing a good trade.  There was a demonstration outside the mine (one of a number of similar ones) which was addressed by one of Aaron’s sons (Derbyshire Courier 9 September 1893.

In 1894 he failed to be elected to the Parish Council of South Wingfield.  He was a miner aged 54.

In 1901, at South Wingfield, Aron was aged 67, a colliery manager (worker) born at South Wingfield.  His wife was Susannah aged 64 and born at Hazlewood, Derbys.  There were two boarders with them, Edward Mason aged 10 and born at Sheffield and Anne M. Mason aged 8 and born at Beeley.  These two boarders may be relatives of Susannah as her sister in 1891 was Mary Mason.

Aaron, a colliery manager, died 6 January 1902 at South Wingfield (registered in the Belper district (includes South Wingfield) in the March quarter 1902, aged 68 (giving a birth year of 1834)).  Administration was granted at Derby 26 July 1902 to Susannah Hawksley, widow and his effects were £16.0s.1d.

In 1911, at Hillside, Hazelwood, Belper, in 5 rooms, Susannah Hawksley was aged 71, a widow, born at Hazelwood.  With her were Edward Mason aged 20 a railway clerk born at Sheffield and Annie Mary Mason aged 18 also born at Sheffield.

Susannah died 11 February 1927 at Hazelwood, Belper (registered in the March quarter and the Belper district, aged 94).  Probate was granted at Derby 25 March 1927 to Edward Mason railway clerk and Annie Mary Lomas (wife of William Bonnington Lomas).  Her effects were £683.17s.3d.

Aaron and Alice's children were

Ann Hawksley, baptised 11 June 1854 at South Wingfield (collier).  She probably had an illegitimate daughter,

Martha Hawksley, baptised 10 November 1870 (of Oakerthorpe, private baptism).

Martha Hawksley(1855 - 1859), baptised 1 July 1855 at South Wingfield (collier).  She was buried 10 March 1859 at South Wingfield.

George Hawksley, baptised 30 November 1856 at South Wingfield (coal miner).

Ellis Hawksley (1858 - 1868), baptised 5 December 1858 at South Wingfield (collier), and buried 16 February 1868 at South Wingfield, aged 9.  He died 11 February 1868, a son of Aaron Hawksley aged 9¼ (Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal 28 February 1868).

Walter Thomas Hawksley (1861 – 1940), baptised 6 October 1861 at South Wingfield (ground bailiff).  He married Annie Mather (banns called in 1885) and registered in the Belper district in the September quarter 1885.  In 1891, at 1 Alfreton Road, Oakerthorpe, Walter Thomas Hawksley was aged 29, a coal miner born at South Wingfield.  His wife, Annie, was 29 and born at Wirksworth.  Their children were Arthur aged 4 and Ernest aged 2 both born at Oakerthorpe.  With them was nephew Ellis Caupe aged 21, a coal miner born at Oakerthorpe, Frederick Caupe, half-brother aged 43 a married coal miner born at Tupton and father-in-law, widowered Frederick Mather, aged 57, a servant born at Wirksworth.  In 1901, living at Oakerthorpe, Walter was aged 39, a farmer own account, born at South Wingfield.  Annie, his wife was aged 39 and born at Wirksworth.  Their children were Arthur aged 13, Ernest aged 12 and Beatrice aged 4 all born at Oakerthorpe.  There were also John Mather, 67, widower, father-in-law born at Wirksworth, Mary Mather, niece, aged 13 born Wirksworth and Ellis Coupe aged 32, nephew a coal miner hewer, born at Oakerthorpe and two boarders: Joseph Bratbury, aged 37, born Belper and Sidney Wilcox aged 20 both coal miners born at Bristol.  Ellis Coupe was a son of Frederick and Charlotte Coope, and Frederick was a son of Alice Coupe who married Aaron Hawksley.  Frederick Coope and Walter Hawksley were half brothers, so Ellis was therefore a half-nephew to Walter.

In 1911, at Oakerthorpe in 6 rooms, Walter was aged 49, a farmer, worker born at South Wingfield.  Annie his wife was aged 49, born at Wirksworth.  They had been married for 25 years and had had three children none of whom had died.  Their children were Arthur, an imbecile, aged 24 and Beatrice aged 14 both born at Oakerthorpe.  There were three boarders: John Bradshaw aged 24 born at Cromford, Domnic Ottare aged 26 born Dublin and Sydney Wilcox aged 31 born at Bristol, all coal miners.

In 1939 in the Belper RD Walter T (born 1861) was with Annie (born 1862), Arthur (born 1886) and one other.

Walter T Hawksley’s death was registered in the Belper district in the September quarter 1940, aged 78.  Walter and Annie’s children were:

Arthur Hawksley, born about 1887 at Oakerthorpe.  He was an imbecile and lived with his parents.

Ernest Hawksley, born about 1889 at Oakerthorpe.

Beatrice Hawksley, born about 1896 at Oakerthorpe.

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