The Family of Mary Hawksley, later Tupman then Wright

I am grateful to Margaret Middleton for much of the information on this page.


She was born about 1839 at South Wingfield, a daughter of Elizabeth Hawksley.


In 1841, in Church Street, South Wingfield, Mary was aged 2 (with Caroline aged 5) and with Elizabeth Hawksley aged 20, George Hawkesley aged 49 and Sarah aged 48.  All were born in Derbyshire.


In 1851, in South Wingfield, Mary (granddaughter) was aged 12 and born at South Wingfield (with Caroline, granddaughter, aged 15) in the household of Sarah Hawksley, head, widow and her daughter Elizabeth, unmarried, aged 32.


She married Matthew Tupman, 16 January 1860, at Alfreton Parish Church, by banns.  Mary Hawksley (X) was aged 22, a spinster of Somercotes and Matthew (X) was aged 20, a bachelor and collier of Somercotes.  There was no father for either party, and the witnesses were Edwin Mason and James Dolley (the 'D' is uncertain).  (Matthew was a son of Hannah Tupman, who, in 1841 was living at Alfreton, aged 25 or 35, with George, aged 5 and Matthew aged 6 or 16 months.  All were born in the county.)


In 1861, at 15 Victoria Street, Ironville, Mary Tupman was aged 22, married and Edward's step-daughter, born at South Wingfield.  With her was Edward's granddaughter, Elizabeth Tupman, aged 2 months and born at Belper.  (Matthew Tupman was not in the household, and hasn't been found in the 1861 census.  He was probably in prison – there are three references in local newspapers in early 1861 which include the words ‘summoned’ and ‘charged with’.)


Mary Tupman's death has not yet been found despite much searching.  It is more than likely that she married secondly (bigamously) John Wright in 1863, for in 1891, a niece of Sarah or Hiram Gillam, Harriet Wright, was found in their household.  She was born 11 November 1866 at Ironville, a daughter of John Wright, a journeyman boot and shoe maker, and his wife Mary, formerly Hawksley.  The marriage of the parents, both of whom were living in Ironville at the time, was at Alfreton parish church, 2 November 1863, after banns.  John was aged 44, a bachelor and labourer, a son of James Wright (deceased) a farmer.  X Mary, as Oaksley, was aged 25, a spinster and a daughter of Joseph Bramley (deceased) a labourer.  The witnesses were X Edward Johnson and Thomas Wragg.  If Harriet Wright is Sarah’s niece, then Mary could easily be Mary Tupman formerly Hawksley.  The marriage was probably bigamous, as Matthew Tupman was apparently still in the area (see below), but the surname of Mary’s father suggests Mary was illegitimate, and a witness was Edward Johnson, with whom she was living in 1861.


In 1871, at Bacon Springs, Clay Cross, Matthew Tupman was unmarried, aged 34, a coal miner, born at Alfreton.  With him was a domestic servant, widow Elizabeth Davies, aged 48 and born at Bilston, Staffs.  Also as boarders with him were George Tupman, aged 37, a coal miner, born at Alfreton and Sarah Tupman, aged 24 born at Lincs, Heckington.  As George and Sarah were both married, it suggests they were husband and wife.  George is also likely to be Matthew's brother. 

Matthew married secondly (bigamously) Elizabeth Lloyde 18 August 1873 at North Wingfield.  He was aged 35 and Elizabeth was aged 40.

In 1881, at Shirland, Matthew Tupman was aged 39, a coal miner and born at Swanwick.  His wife was Elizabeth aged 56 and born at Bilston, Staffs.  There were no children with them

In 1891, at 9 Chapel Street, Alfreton, in 4 rooms, Matthew was aged 48, a collier (not employed) born at Alfreton.  Elizabeth was aged 67 and born at Bilston, Staffs.  There was also a domestic servant (employee), Harriet Battley, unmarried aged 34 and born at Greenhill Lane, Derbys.

Matthew Tupman married thirdly Harriett Batterley 3 April 1900 at Derby.  Harriet was the domestic servant living with him and Elizabeth in 1891.

In the 1901 census index, living at Codnor, were Matthew Tupman, aged 56, a coal miner below ground, born at Swanwick, Harriet aged 36 born at Swanwick, William aged 10 born at Derby and Arthur aged 0 and born at Codnor.  Matthew died 27 March 1911 at Prospect Place, Codnor, of senectus and heart failure.  He was a coal miner, aged 70 and his widow, Harriet, registered his death.


In 1871, at Unstone Green, just north of Chesterfield, John Wright was aged 60, a cordwainer, born at what looks like Ucuortergate, Derbyshire, Mary his wife was aged 39 and born at Wingfield, and their children were James aged 6, Harriet aged 3 and Sarah aged 7 months (or weeks).  Their birth places were difficult to decipher, but James and Harriet’s appear to be Codnor Park, Ironville, whilst Sarah’s birth was Wellington, Derbys.  (Interestingly, Elizabeth Johnson gave her occupation as shoemaker in 1871 – perhaps she worked for her son-in-law?)


Mary Ann Wright died 13 November 1874 aged 39 at Unstone Green, Unstone, wife of John Wright, master shoemaker, by sudden death from disease of the heart.  The coroner held an inquest 14 November 1874, which was reported in The Sheffield Telegraph, Monday 16th November 1874, which suggests that she may have had a heart attack for her death was quite sudden.


In 1881, in Somercoates, John was a widower aged 75 formerly cordwainer, born at sea BS (British Subject?), James was aged 17 a coal miner born at Codnor Park and Harriet was aged 14 also born at Codnor Park.


John Wright’s death appears to have been registered March quarter 1884 in the Belper district (7b 351).  He was aged 79.


Mary and Matthew's child was:

1.      Elizabeth Tupman (1861 - 1862), born 6 February 1861 at the Union Workhouse, Belper and registered in the March quarter 1861 in the Belper district.  She was the child of Matthew Tupman (coal miner) and Mary Tupman formerly Hawksley.  Mary was the informant and gave her address as the workhouse.  Elizabeth died 19 November 1862 at Ironville aged 1, of diarrhoea (3 days) and convulsions (1 hour).  She was the daughter of Matthew Tupman, coal miner.  Mary Tupman (X) of Ironville, mother, registered the death.

Mary and John’s children were:

2.      James Wright, born about 1864 at Ironville.  In 1891 he was at Nottingham Road, Pye Bridge, aged 26, a coal miner, born at Ironville.  His wife, Sarah was aged 25 and born in Australia.  His sons were John J ? aged 3 and Samuel aged 1 both born at Pye Bridge.

                                                              i.      John James Wright, birth registered in the June quarter 1887 in the Belper district.

                                                            ii.      Samuel Wright, birth registered in the March quarter 1890 in the Belper district.

3.      Harriet Wright, born 11 November 1866 at Ironville (journeyman boot and shoe maker).

In 1871 she was at home with her parents aged 3.

In 1881 she was with her father aged 14.

In 1891 she was with her aunt, Sarah Gillam, aged 25

4.      Sarah Wright, born about 1870.


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