The Family of Robert Diss Junior

I am very grateful to Andy Diss for most of the information on this page.

Robert was baptised 9 September 1781 at West Wickham, a son of Robert Diss and Ann (formerly Willings).

He married Mary Page.  Mary was baptised 16 February 1783 at Weston Colville and the marriage was on 10 June 1798 at Stetchworth. 


Robert and Mary's children were:

John, born about 1805 at Great Thurlow.  He married Rebecca Dean. 

In 1881 at Portobello Lane, Sawston, John was aged 76, a labourer born at Thurlow.  His wife, Rebecca was aged 76 and born at Wratting.  With them was their son, David, a widower, aged 50, a labourer and born at Wratting and their unmarried grandchildren, Annie Diss aged 21, a factory operative (paper), born at Sawston and Jane aged 19, a factory operative (paper) and born at Sawston.

John's death was registered in the March quarter 1890 in the Linton district, aged 85.

John and Rebecca's children were:

David, born about 1831 at Wratting (or Sawston, Cambs).  He married first Ester Barret and secondly Mary Watts.  In 1881 he was a widower, aged 50, living with his parents and born at Wratting.

His death was registered in the September quarter 1900, in the Linton district, aged 69.

David and Ester's children were:

Anna, born about 1859 at Sawston.  In 1881 she was living with her grandparents, unmarried, aged 21, a factory operative (paper) and born at Sawston.

Jane, born March quarter 1862 at Sawston, Cambs.  In 1881 she was living with her grandparents, unmarried aged 19, a factory operative (paper) and born at Sawston.

Emily, born about June 1863 at Linton.

William, baptised 12 August 1832 at Great Wratting, Suffolk.  He married Elizabeth Kimmens.

William and Elizabeth's children were:

Alfred Henry, born 1859.  He married Annie Hopwood.

Alfred and Annie's child was:

Fred Kimmence, born about September 1894 at Linton.

Harry William, born about March 1876.  He married Ethel Maud Goodwin.

Charles, born 3 April 1874 at Sawston.  He married Lottie Pett.

Fanny, born about June 1868 at Linton.  She married about December 1896.

William, born about September 1880 at Linton.  He married about June 1910.

George, born about 1835 at Carlton.  He married Elizabeth Sparrow. 

In 1881 he could have been living at High Street Sawston, aged 46 a labourer (birthplace blank), with his wife, Eliza aged 43 (birthplace blank).  There was also a lodger, Frederick Doughless, single, aged 27, a skinner born at Duxford.

John, born about 1836 at Thurlow, Suffolk.  He was a labourer in 1856 and a skin dresser in 1892.  He married Naomi Colton. 

In 1881, at Mill Lane, Sawston, he was aged 43, a labourer, born at Thurlow, Suffolk.  With him was his wife, Naomie, aged 43 (birth place blank) and children Thomas aged 14, Mary Ann aged 11, Ruth aged 8 and George aged 5, all born at Sawston.

John and Naomi's children were

Eliza, born about June 1857 at Linton.

Rebecca, born about 1861 at Linton.  She married about June 1885.

John, born March quarter 1864 at Linton.  He married Emily Ann Robinson.

Thomas, born 15 November 1866 at Sawston and buried at Gap Road Cemetery, Wimbledon.  He was a skin dresser in 1892.  He married Charlotte Lincoln. 

Thomas and Charlotte's children were:

Thomas, born about 1893.  He married Alice Maud.

Ada, born before 1895.

Maud Ellen, born 27 March 1895.  She married Harry Barnes. 

William Edward, born 12 July 1897.  He may have married Margaret. 

Doll, born 16 December 1902.

Lucy May, born 24 April 1905.  She married and later divorced Fred Barton and then married Alf Davey (?). 


James, born about 1906.

James Carlton, born about June 1858 (1868?) at Linton.

Mary Ann, born about December 1869 at Sawston, Cambs.  She married about September 1909 at Chesterton, Cambs.

Ruth, born about September 1872 at Sawston.

George. born about December 1875 at Sawston.

Elijah, born about 1839 at West Wratting, Suffolk.  He married Lizzie Rowlinson. 

In 1881, at Portobello Lane, Sawston, Elijah was aged 39 a labourer and born at Great Wratting.  His wife, Eliza, was aged 41 and born at Pampisford.  Their children were Louisa aged 11, Caroline aged 8, William aged 6, James aged 4 and Thomas aged 1.  All were born at Sawston, Cambridgeshire.

Elijah and Lizzie's children were

Louisa, born about December 1868 at Linton (or c.1869, Sawston).

Caroline, born about September 1871 at Linton (or c. 1872, Sawston).

William, born about March 1874 at Linton (or Sawston).  He married Florence Elizabeth Ash.

James, born about June 1876 at Linton (or Sawston).  He was a labourer.  He married Floria Townsend. 

James and Floria's children were:

Lizzie, born about June 1899 at Sawston

William Elijah, born about 1901 at Sawston and baptised 6 April 1902.

James, baptised 8 March 1904 at Sawston.

Thomas, born about September 1879 at Linton (Sawston).

Thomas, born about December 1844 at Risbridge.  He married Emily Peters. 

Thomas and Emily's children were:

Albert, born about March 1873 at Linton.

Anne Maria, born about December 1874 at Whittlesford, Cambs.

Cecilia, born about December 1876 at Linton.

Arthur, born about December 1878 at Linton.

George Reuben, born about December 1880 at Whittlesford, Cambs.

Hannah, born about March 1842 at Risbridge.

William, born about 1811 at Great Thurlow.  He married Elizabeth Wiseman.

In 1881, at Cottage, Great Thurlow, William was aged 70. an agricultural labourer, born at Great Thurlow, Suffolk.  With him was his wife, Elizabeth aged 75 and born at Cowlinge, Suffolk, and a boarder, Richard Barrett, single, aged 54, an agricultural labourer and born at Little Thurlow.

Elizabeth, baptised 4 September 1814 at Great Thurlow.

Thomas, baptised 18 August 1816 at Great Thurlow.  He married Mary Dodd. 

Thomas and Mary's children were



Frederick Thomas


Mary, birth 10 October 1819 (Suffolk BTs).

Robert, baptised 22 June 1823.  He married Jane Dodd. 

Robert and Jane's children were:

Moses, born about 1847 at Great Thurlow.  He married Sarah Smith.  In 1881 at Holbeach, Lincoln, he was aged 31, a farm labourer, born at Thurlow.  His wife, Sarah, was aged 27 a labourer's wife and born at Wickhambrook Marsh.  Their daughter was Eliza aged 2 and born at Holbeach, and there was also a niece, Ada Burt, aged 10 and born at Hammersmith. 

Moses and Sarah's children were:

Fred, born about 1877 at Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

Eliza, born about 1878 at Holbeach, Lincs.  In 1881 she was living with her parents, aged 2 and born at Holbeach.

George Frederick, born about 1882 at Holbeach, Lincs.

Thomas William, born about 1883 at Holbeach, Lincs.

Robert, born about 1885 at Holbeach, Lincs.

Sarah Jane, born about 1889 at Holbeach Lincs.

Charles Henry, born about 1891 at Holbeach, Lincs.

Florrie, born about 1896 at Holbeach, Lincs.

Thomas, born about 1848 at Risbridge.

Mary, born about 1852 at Risbridge.  She married about December 1874 at Risbridge.

Elizabeth, born about 1854 at Risbridge.

Thomas, born about 1857 at Risbridge.

Eliza, born about March 1860 at Risbridge

Frederick, born about March 1867 at Risbridge.


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