The Family of John Diss (1777 1829)

I am very grateful to Andy Diss for most of the information on this page.

John was baptised 16 March 1777 at West Wickham, a son of Robert Diss and Ann (formerly Willings).

He (bachelor of the parish) married Amelia Hills (of the parish), 8 April 1798 at West Wickham. The witnesses were Richard Lofts and Jonathan Adkins.


He (widower of the parish) married Anne Manfield (spinster of the parish) 18 June 1810 at West Wickham. The witnesses were Joseph Hartgrove and John Rawlingson.


John Diss was buried 13 June 1829 at West Wickham, aged 52.


John and Amelia's children were:

William, born 2 October 1798 and baptised 7 October 1798 at West Wickham.

Elizabeth, baptised 12 January 1800 at West Wickham.

Ann, baptised 13 February 1803 at West Wickham.

Robert, born 10 February 1805 and baptised 7 April 1805 at West Wickham. He was buried 8 June 1882 at West Wickham, of Linton Union (workhouse), aged 78. He was not found in the 1881 census.

Mary, baptised 19 July 1807 at West Wickham.


John and Anne's children were:

William, born 15 April 1811 and baptised 28 April 1811 at West Wickham.

Hannah, baptised 21 November 1813 at West Wickham.

John, born 2 October 1815 and baptised 7 December 1815 at West Wickham, (or 17 Dec and father a labourer).

He married Elizabeth Brown.

In 1881, at 41 Oldham Street, Stoke upon Trent, Elizabeth was a widow, aged 60 and born at Wickham, Cambs. With her were her unmarried children William, aged 25, a coal miner, George, aged 21 a coal miner, Emma, aged 19, a potters transferer and John, aged 16, a coal miner. All were born at Hanley, Staffs. There was also Andrew Crowford, a 'relative' (a grandchild), aged 4 and born at Handley.

John and Elizabeth's children were

James, born 2 June 1845 and baptised 24 August 1845 at West Wickham or born 1 June 1845 at Caxton, Cambs.) He married first Harriet Bowyer.

In 1881, at 21 Oldham Street, Stoke upon Trent, he was aged 35, a coal miner and born at Caxton. His wife, Harriet, was aged 28 and born at Endon, Staffs. Their children were Hannah, aged 8, born at Caxton, Cambs., Emily A. aged 6, born at Hanley, Staffs., and John T. aged 5 and born at Badley Edge, Staffs. There were also 4 lodgers which seem to be one family, of John Hamson a widower aged 32, a coal miner born at Berry, Lancs., and his stepson, Richard T. Davis, aged 9, and his children William aged 4 and Emily aged 2, all born at Hanley.

He married secondly Sarah Ann Burn. James and Harriet's children were

Hannah, born about 1872 at Caxton, Cambs. She married John Boardmore.

Emily Ann, born about March 1874 at Leek, Staffs.

John Thomas, born about September 1875 at Leek, Badley Edge, Stoke upon Trent, Staffs. He married first Sarah Ann [Sidley] Critchlow and secondly Margaret Agar.

John and Sarah Ann's child was:

Thomas Critchlow, born 1 September 1896 at Hanley, Stoke upon Trent Staffs. He married Doris Bennet.

John and Margaret's child was:

William, born about March 1899 at Lanchester, Co. Durham.

James William, baptised 20 February 1878 at Wellington, Stafford, Staffs.

Harriet Elizabeth, born 6 October 1879 at Wellington, Stafford, Staffs.

Ann, born about 1847 at Caxton. She married Robert Crawford. Their child was

Andrew, born 1876 at Shelton, Beds.

In 1881 he (as Andrew Crowford) was at 41 Oldham Street, Stoke upon Trent, in the household of Elizabeth Diss a widow aged 60 and her children, aged 4 and born at Hanley, Staffordshire.

He married Emma Wheatcroft. Andrew and Emma's child was:

Robert Baden Powell, born 1900. He married Sarah Bell.

Thomas, born 10 April 1849 and baptised 19 June 1849 at West Wickham.

Eliza, baptised 3 November 1850 at West Wickham. She married John Davis.

Thomas Brown, born 1 February 1853 and baptised 19 June 1853 at West Wickham. He married Harriet Highfield. Thomas and Harriet's children were

Eliza Ann, born 23 March 1880 at Wellington, Stafford

Thomas, born 7 October 1883 at Wellington, Stafford.

William, born 23 September 1855 at Hanley, Stoke upon Trent. He was a coal miner and married Lucy Smith. William and Lucy's child was

George, born about 1888 at Hanley, Stoke upon Trent. He was a coal miner and married Sarah Annie Morgan. George and Sarah's child was

George Victor, born 2 August 1914 at Burslem, Stoke upon Trent. He married Vera Horton.

George, born and baptised 17 November 1859 at Hanley, Stoke upon Trent. He was a collier and married Eliza (Selina?) Davis. George and Eliza's children were

John Richard, born 1882 and baptised 10 July 1884 at Wellington, Stafford.

Lizzie, born 23 June 1884 and baptised 10 July 1884 at Wellington, Stafford.

Emma, born about December 1861 at Stoke upon Trent.

John, born before 1865 at Hanley, Stoke upon Trent. He married Martha Jane Johnson.

James, baptised 19 March 1818 at West Wickham.

Susan, baptised 27 August 1820 at West Wickham.

Sarah, baptised 9 February 1823 at West Wickham.

Harriet, baptised 7 August 1825 (at West Wickham?).


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