The Family of Walter Crossley of Leeds and Manitoba, Canada

Walter Crossley was born about 1878/9 in Leeds, a son of William Crossley and Sarah Ann formerly Kerton.  There are three possible registrations in 1879!  These are at Leeds North (NORT/147/29), ChapelTown (CHAP/18/37) and ChapelTown (CHAP/18/199).  A GRO reference is June quarter 1879, Leeds 9b 574.


In the 1881 census he was living at home with his parents, aged 2 and born in Leeds. 


In 1891, Walter aged 12, was at home with his parents and born in Leeds. 


On 13 May 1912 he arrived at St Albans Vermont, USA en route to Winnipeg, Canada, on board the Teutonic from Liverpool, aged 33 and a valet.


He married 28 June 1913 at the church of St Gabriel (Roman Catholic), Montreal, Canada to Marguerite Galibert of Newcastle-on-Tyne.  He was a son of William Crossley and Sarah Ann Kerton of Tadcaster.  She was a daughter of the late Theophile Galibert and Maria Goudonneau of St Joly-de-Chalais, Dordogne, France.  They were of age and the witnesses were Ernest Crossley and Amy Crossley.


In the 1916 census (1 June) of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the family was living in suite 15, Stratford Hall.  He was 37, a dining car steward on the railway.  Marguerite was aged 37 and their daughter, Marie L. was aged 9 months and born in Manitoba. 


Walter and Marguerite’s child was

Marie Louise Crossley, born 8 September 1915 Manitoba.

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Posted February 2017