The Family of Arthur Crossley (1877 – 1926) of Leeds and Edmonton, Canada

I am very grateful to Tobi Reisig for much of the information on this page.


Arthur Crossley was born in Leeds, a son of William Crossley and Sarah Ann formerly Kerton.  .  There is a possible registration in 1877 in Leeds North (NORT//140/284), GRO reference December quarter 1877, Leeds 9b 498.


In the 1881 census he was living at home with his parents, aged 3, and born in Leeds. 


In 1891, Arthur aged 13, was at home with his parents and born in Leeds. 


He married Sarah Anderson (born 24 June 1878 in Kingscote, Co. Meath, Ireland) at St Mary’s Church, Dublin, Ireland on 26 December 1907.


He emigrated to Canada, aged 33 on board the Corsican, arriving in Quebec 27 May 1910 from Liverpool (there is no other reliable information in the record) and was travelling with Sarah aged 31 and Meuriel Crossley aged 17 (sic, but must be 17 months).


In the 1911 census of Winnipeg, Manitoba, at 144 Fort, Arthur was aged 34 and an agent.  He was with Sarah aged 32, Violet aged 2 and Olive aged 9 months.


In the 1916 census of Manitoba, Edmonton South, at 121, 99, 81 Strathona Road, 18 Strathcona., Alberta, Arthur was aged 38 and a house... in a hotel.  The whole family were Methodists and all spoke English and not French and could read and write.


Arthur died in 1926 at Edmonton.  He was a desk clerk at MacDonalds Hotel in Edmonton.  Sarah visited England, arriving 15 June 1954 on board the ‘Empress of Scotland’ and travelled between Quebec and Liverpool.  Sarah died 1971 in Edmonton.


Arthur and Sarah’s children were:

Violet Muriel Crossley, born 1908 in Dublin, Ireland.  She married William Sinclair Knowles (1903 – 1960).  Violet died 23 August 1997 at Edmonton. 

Olive Rosamund Crossley, born September 1910 at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  She died 22 May 2002 at Edmonton, Canada.  She married Stephen Fearon (born 22 November 1909 at Harrington, Cumberland, England and died 29 December 1978 at Edmonton, Canada). 

David Crossley, born 1913 and died as a child aged about 10.

Nora May Crossley, born 1914 at Winnipeg and died 10 August 1996 at Edmonton.  She married Leonard Samuel Percy Dalton (born 1915 at Edmonton and died 17 January 1977 at Calgary). 

Ivy Crossley, born 1917 at Winnipeg.  She died at Edmonton.  She married John Currie (born 1916 in Alberta). 

Arthur William Crossley (1920 – 1991), born 24 September 1920 in Edmonton, Canada.  He became a Supreme Court judge at Edmonton.  He was probably the Private A.W. Crossley of the Calgary Highlanders.  He took part in D day in France, in World War 2, and was shot twice.  One bullet went through his arm above the wrist and another bullet went in and out of his back.  Arthur Crossley stood for election to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, in Strathcona West (part of Edmonton) in 1963.  He was a liberal, came second and won 24.14% of the vote.  He died 11 September 1991 at Edmonton. 

Joan Patricia Crossley (1922 – 2007), born 6 July 1922 in Ontario and died 16 November 2007 in Edmonton.  She married 25 March 1946 to Emory Fannon (born 14 April 1923 in Saskatchewan, Canada and died 7 September 2007 in Alberta).

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