The Family of Thomas Barlow of Duckmanton

Thomas was baptised 27 June 1790 at Sutton cum Duckmanton, a son of William Barlow and Martha.

He may have married Hannah Frith, 13 December 1813 at Sutton cum Duckmanton.

Thomas and Hannah's children were

  1. William, baptised 11 June 1815 at Sutton cum Duckmanton. In 1881, at Middle Duckmanton, he was aged 66, a farmer, born at Duckmanton. His wife, Elizabeth, was aged 52 and born at Duckmanton and his son, Joseph William was single, aged 19 and a mining engineer student, born at Duckmanton.
  2. Ann, baptised 14 April 1817 at Sutton cum Duckmanton
  3. Sarah, baptised 12 September 1819 at Sutton cum Duckmanton
  4. Richard, baptised 13 November 1821 at Sutton cum Duckmanton. He (father, Thomas) married Elizabeth Lakin (father, John) at Staveley, (no date) November 1845.Elizabethís death is probably registered in the September quarter 1848 in the Chesterfield district (includes Staveley and Sutton cum Duckmanton).In 1851 he was at home with his parents, a widower and railway labourer aged 29.His children were John Barlow, born about 1846/7 at Staveley and Hannah Barlow, born 1847/8 at Staveley.
  5. Thomas, baptised 30 March 1824 at Sutton cum Duckmanton
  6. Frances, baptised 30 July 1826 at Sutton cum Duckmanton
  7. Hannah, baptised 11 October 1829 at Sutton cum Duckmanton
  8. Martha, baptised 11 October 1829 at Sutton cum Duckmanton
  9. Joseph, baptised 26 February 1832 at Sutton cum Duckmanton
  10. Martha, baptised 30 March 1834 at Sutton cum Duckmanton
  11. John, baptised 11 September 1836 at Sutton cum Duckmanton
  12. Elizabeth, baptised 4 February 1838 at Sutton cum Duckmanton

In 1841 at Middle Duckmanton, Sutton cum Duckmanton, Thomas was aged 50 and a farmer, Hannah was aged 47, Joseph was aged 10 and Elizabeth was aged 3.All were born in Derbyshire.


In 1851, at Sutton cum Duckmanton, Thomas was aged 61, an agricultural labourer and born in Duckmanton.Hannah, his wife, was aged 56 and born at Staveley.Their children were Richard, aged 29, a widower and railway labourer, Fanny aged 24, single and a servant and Elizabeth aged 13, assisting at home.All were born at Duckmanton.There were also two grandchildren (no doubt Richardís children), John aged 4 and Hannah aged 3, both born at Staveley.

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